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stickwoman Posts: 2394
Hi girls, just need some advice please. My (potential) wedding dress is in Hickeys and it's €1550, alterations will be €150. I really was impressed with the girls there, Aideen in particular. However, I've priced it up North and although none of the shops have my dress, they'll order it and it's being priced at £1100. So basically I'd be saving about 200€. My question(s) are.... Has anyone successfully haggled with the bridal shop and got their dress cheaper? Anyone any experience of Hickeys? :thnk
redrobin Posts: 428
Hi AngelButterfly, I haven't haggled but both myself and my sister got our dresses in Hickeys and found the service to be excellent. They're very professional, don't rush you during fittings and have good advice to offer. It would be worthwhile trying to get a deal but I honestly don't know what your chances are. HTH
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I don't know if you'd really be saving the €200 at the end of it all. You'd still have to pay for the alterations and then if they were being done up the north you'd potentially have to make 3 trips up there, first fitting, second fitting and then to pick it up. So after petrol money and then maybe getting lunch etc when you're there, you could go through your €200 saving and have had to put in a lot of extra time and effort. Having said that though, Hickeys won't know this so you could still go to them, say the price you got in the north and ask them to match it. I think they would come down in price or maybe throw in the price of the alterations? I'd be in inclined to go with Hickeys anyway. You've met with them and are happy with the service and I'd be thinking the devil you know is better than the devil you don't IYKWIM
Tarade Posts: 79
Hiya, I bought 3 bridesmaid dressesthere in July and negotiated a 10% discount. Got push back at first, then they phoned me back and offered me 10%.... so the key is if you don't ask !!! You have nothing to loose ! G'Luck.
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Thanks girls... think I had my mind made up really before I posted, just needed a bit of reassurance that I was doing the right thing! You get so caught up in bargains sometimes!! Even h2b said something similar to what you said LittlyLily... 200€ at the end of the day isn't that much and I am happy with them so far. I'll mention it to them that it's cheaper up the North, will see what they say. But even if they don't match it etc... I think I'll still go with them. Plus, hearing good reports has also helped! Thank god for Wol! :thnk