High Blood Pressure and Protein in Urine..

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gael Posts: 38
Had a check up with the doctor yest and my blood pressure was high and there was some protein in the urine. The doctor said to wait until I'm back in the clinic next Tues but I'm worried...Did anyone else have these? i'm 39 weeks..
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
I'm sure if there was anything to worry about, your GP would have said so, so try not to worry too much!! Hope you feel better, not long for you to go now!!! Good luck xo
Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi Gael, I had this, where I went to my doc once a week to get my BP checked, then I was monitored closely, they will look for signs of pre-eclampsia, but if your doc let you go they are not too worried. I think it's normal enough for BP to rise in later pregnancy, what stage are you at? Mine started to rise around 32 weeks, and it may not seem high in a normal situation, but with preg they take every precaution. Just try and relax and take it easy in the meantime, doing v little if possible and see if your BP comes down, take care of you *)
sindyc Posts: 107
Hi Gael, I wouldnt worry too much about it. I am nearly 12 weeks pregnant and I have high bp and protein in my urine since I was 6 wks pregnant. I am off work since. I am on bp medication and I have to go to the GP every week for urine and bp monitoring and its been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. My gynae said that if this happened late in pregnancy they would just bring me in to hospital and decide on the best way to deliver the baby. To have it so early is a cause for cocern for mother and baby apparently. Anyways, I was told if my bp was high, had protein in my urine and swollen ankles or wrists, I would have to be hospitalised immediately. Thank god I havent had the combination of all 3. Put your feet up, go for naps during the day(this is what I was told)....you are nearly there so I wish you the best of luck. S.
gael Posts: 38
Thanks girls, everything was going perfect up until this so I didn't expect it. I suppose Tues isn't too long to wait for the next check up. Thanks for the reassurance...