High Blood Pressure?

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charli Posts: 5994
hi girls some might remember me mentioning that i had high BP on first pregnancy - it increased around 30 weeks and while i felt very well, no swelling or headaches or the other symptoms it stayed high thoughout the pg and i was induced at 38 weeks. i have been reading up on it and i think the stats are 70% of cases of high BP are in first time pg - so i am hoping same thing doesnt happen this time my problem is - as my readings were high from 30 weeks on i would get very nervous/anxious/nauseaus about having it done - thus sending the score even higher i imagine!!! - i suppose it was just a mixture of fear for the baby as well as dreaded being "kept in" at the maternity hospital (score would always come down once i was admitted and id be let out the following morning!) i suppose what i am asking is did anyone get high BP and not 2nd time around? does anyelse get very nervous/anxious at appointments and still have normal readings - i have first scan/appointment ont hursday and the churning feeling in my tummy is started already! - i know of white coat syndrome but am hoping even if i feel sick with nerves reading will not be affected!! thanks :wv
mammybean Posts: 10364
Hi ya, i know at my first appointment this time that i was actually after getting myself all worked up and very upset. i was in a terrible state.i was expecting high bp and it was fine, so hopefully it will be the same for you. would you consider buying one of those bp monitors from boots then you would kn ow yourself whether or not its high? fsil got a loan of one near end of pg as she was getting very swollen feet. it was great as stopped her going off her head
charli Posts: 5994
thanks beanie just proves that the stressing and nervousness do not automatically lead to a high score yeah might get one of the those monitors later on.. they say it doesnt occur until final trimester anyway so probably have nothing to worry about for a while and even at that it may not be the case i have to stop this worrying for no reason!!!! :o0
mammybean Posts: 10364
i dont think its possible to stop. i must say though i mightnt have been worried long enough IYKWIM it wasnt like i had sent the whole day like that. i got upset cos of my scan which was only a couple of mins before - wouldnt mind but there was nothing to be worried about :o0
charli Posts: 5994
well sure enough at my appointment this morning my reading was very high - i had myself worked into a tizzy about it (knowing i had it first time around) and my heart was pounding when the doc took the reading i had to wait in the waiting room and be re-checked half hour later and it had come down a bit and another bit on the next check so i was left home after first reading they were talking of admitting me!! now i have to go back to Ante Natal clinic next week again and see GP in the morning just feel a bit p'eed off that i am going to have this the whole way through and constantly worry ahead of appointments which wont help matters either :o( of course all is well with baby and scan was fine, bloods fine so i should not complain anyone know anything good for calming, like natural herbs or something?
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Would you consider buying a monitor, taking regular readings in the comfort of your own home, and then bringing them with you for your check-ups. I believe they're not even that expensive.
Ferdi Posts: 704
hi charli, i had high bp towards the end of my (1st) pregnancy. Went from 120/60 to 150/90 and I was put on Prenisol (thnk thar's the name tablets). Also was able to get a loan of a bp wrist monitor from docs and had agreed with my gynac that I ould measure my bp 3 times daily and take a 1 tab. If the reading was over 150/90 I was to take a 2nd tab. Didn't have ny oedema or so. In the end was induced as 40+2 and bp wasn't gtting any better even with tabs. Thankfully back to normal now after the birth although during labour it peaked at 185/105!! Try and work ot something with your docs where you can monitor your bp yourself as this is more accurate than the once of readings when you're in the surgery and stressed. Good luck, F :wv
charli Posts: 5994
hi Ferdi yes thanks, i was thinking of that - i will go the hospital appointment next week and if its high again will talk about measuring at home and checking in more regular with GP i am already thinking ahead of nexts weeks appointment :o( - anything that stressing you out like that cant be good had said to hubby that i would buy a monitor - think they are about 80e? - anything for peace of mind - i dont want to go wishing my pregnancy away!! at least last time it didnt start until 30+ weeks! thanks though
charli Posts: 5994
well went to GP this morning and nurse checked it and it was perfect - so at least that is something will just have to stop panicking about having it taken!! otherwise it will be a long 6 months with lots of check-ups :o( am going to try and go swimming and get some exercise and watch my diet as it all helps!
kilkenny bride 08 Posts: 78
i have had high blood from the start when i go the hospital it is always high when i go the gp it is grand it is worrying that sends it up