high blood pressure- upset

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aperature Posts: 280
hi girls, went to doc this morning for second visit . he took my blood pressure about 4 times, i could tell he was concerned. it was high all four times. then he listened to the babies hearbeat, all fine, but then used the same machine to listen to my pulse somewhere under my belly,while holding my wrist. he said that he wants to see me again in two weeks. on the up side, my urine sample was normal. then to top it off, i had misunderstood something and thought that after he sent the combined care forms to the rotunda, that they would be in touch with me for an appoitment, turns out i have to phone them which i didint know. my stupid mistake. so i phoned them and the girl on the phone gave out to me and said that you should have phoned at 6 weeks.( didnt even know i was pregnant at 6 wks). she said they are booked up until nove ( baby due dec!) but that she would have to pass my details on to a midwife and we'd here from them in about a week with an appointment date. im just afraid its going to be ages away, im already 17 weeks along. just feel so upset about the whole thing, im really worried about the high blood pressure.
babybuttons Posts: 886
i couldnt read and not say anything. you poor thing your not having a good day. firstly try to relax as being upset wont help you at all. take a few days off work and sit at home and chill out just doing nothing. you will be surprised how much better you will feel. And the rotunda will sort you out no problem, they will try to get u a cancellation or squeeze u in. they arent going to let you not be seen before november. it will all work out. if you dont hear from them before friday call them again and explain you thought the doctor was sorting this out and hopefully someone nice speaks to you. take care of yourself. get hubby to give you lots of TLC later. (they love feeling needed)
snowbear Posts: 2107
Nadie Posts: 1111
Oh no, don't mind the silly wagon in the rotunda, they'll fit you in! Booked up to Nov my bum, sure loads more people are going to get pregnant between here and there. Go easy on yourself, there is a lot of mind-reading expected of first-time mammies and he should have explained to you that you needed to ring. Re the blood pressure, it seems he didn't actually tell you it was high or that he was worries, and that you are gathering this from his behaviour, is that right? If I was you I'd ask him straight out about it next time as in, do I need to be worried and what is the best way to keep it low? In the meantime, which is only two weeks, I'd take comfort from the fact that he didn't tell you to do anything to keep it down and he's going to be keeping a close eye on you so you're in good hands there. Mind yourself and as hopeforbaby says, take some aperature-time and wind down, for you and babs.
Emme Posts: 4735
Don't mind the old wagon, and as for the high BP just relax as best you can and don't be worrying. take it as a reminder to put you first for a while, slow down and enjoy!
aperature Posts: 280
thanks girls, i ust felt like an idiot for not ringing the rotunda earlier. on my first visit with the GP i asked him was there anything i needed to do and he said to sit sit tight and make sure to exercise lots...so i presumed,wrongly , that when he sent in the forms, id then hear from them..ah well, the cow on the phone was just patronising and upset me! the GP did tell me my BP was high, so it wasnt just me reading into it too much ( although i have done that also!). im hoping it will come down in the next two weeks and im going to try hard on the visit to keep calm and take deep breaths, as it might be high because im worried about it! thanks girls. can i ask how many weeks along when you went for your first hospital visit?
Nadie Posts: 1111
Aperature, I was 10 weeks, but GP thought I was 12. It seems to vary widely. You can always go and get a private scan if the hospital doesn't give you an appointment til 30 weeks or something, so all is not lost! They do anomaly scans for less than €200, which would be great peace of mind for you - there does be an ad flashing away in the P&B section here - click on it and find out all about it.
aperature Posts: 280
thanks Nadie, heard of some girls who didnt go until 20-24 weeks so didnt think i was that bad! i already went for an early private scan at 13 weeks, they checked everything and baby looked and sounded great, no problems that could be seen at that stage. my concern is with the blood tests etc...please god i'll get an appointment soon enough. im going to ring again on Monday and start harassing them, even though this is my fault!
honeybunch Posts: 1218
You poor thing, you must have gotten a fright when he mentioned that BP was high. Now that he knows, he can monitor it. It's great that you got to hear baby's heartbeat :lvs and that baby is doing well. Don't worry about the hospital, they'll have to see you soon! I'd give them another ring in a couple of days, I think it depends who you get on the phone(I've had my share of wagons). Did your doc not do your blood tests? I think it depends on where you are but in Cork it's your own doc that does them. I'm sure he could if you ask, save you waiting for hospital. In the meantime, please try to relax :wv
Nadie Posts: 1111
As honeybunch says, the GP can send you in for the blood tests if there's a delay. It's HIS fault you didn't ring, not yours! PS just noticed our due days are a day apart - mine is due Christmas Eve!