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firefly78 Posts: 312
hi, just wanted some recommendations on this for the house, when do we need to have one for? is it something I buy now when pregnant or after the baby is born? also what type to go for, there are so many different ones! thanks as always. FF
fantac Posts: 4109
hi firefly - we got our before DD was born, but to be honest she still doenst really sit in it at 6m! we got a stokke tripp trapp and have also been lent a chicco polly. mostly she sits in her baby bjorn bouncer and we feed her in it too as the angle is easier to shovel spoons in. its not something you'll need straight away, unless you get a bloom fresco which can be used from birth (GORGEOUS!) - maybe have a look at what you'd like as when bub comes along you wont have time - no need to buy til later - give your finances a chance to recover after buggy, cot etc etc etc
justwaitin Posts: 2462
i got one as present after ds was born, realy wanted a tripp trapp but coudnt ask my sister to pay for one, i have a cosatto aurora and its grand its bit painful to clean it. i used to feed ds mainly in his infant chair when he was just begining on weaning. just to add my mam got a realy basic one from argos and ds is just as happy in it and folds away much neater.