High sugar levels at 30 weeks pregnant?

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lellikelly Posts: 891
Hi girls, had to do a gluscose test last week because of Family history of Diabetes, thought this was gonna be such a waste of time that everything would come back perfect but i got a call yesterday from hospital to say one of my reading was slightly high :eek Am not overweight or never have been and i eat healthy enough, so am kinda freeking out now, does this effect my baby?? How can i get my sugar levels back to normal? Dr has booked me in for a apointment with a dietitian for next week but until then is there anything i can be doing myself? Has this happened to anyone else and baby is borb perfectly normal? Thanks
kittysue Posts: 1016
Try and cut out bars and biscuits with your tea and coffee. Avoid sweeties if at all possible and I suppose cakes and stuff like that. I was shocked when I was told I had Gest. Diab. but luckily I'm just watching my diet only. The Nurse told me it would only affect the baby in that it would be a big baby at birth if my sugars continued to be high. Make a note of your questions that you want to ask the dietitian...