I got blood tests done a few weeks ago with GP because I wasn't feeling right. My white cell count came back at 14 (should be between 4-11), which indicates and infection. Went back to doc for a full medical checkup and she couldn't find anything wrong. She signed me off work for a week to rest, which I did. A week later saw my hosp cons, who wanted to repeat the tests but couldn't because the lab was closed! My own gp repeated the tests for me a week ago and they've come back at 15. So she wants me to be seen by my consultant and let them run more tests to find out what infection I might have. She's more concerned about the baby than me really (which is fine). Anyone else have this? I know your white cell count can be higher during pregnancy anyway, not sure if I've ever had this on previous pregnancies, it was never mentioned to me if I did. My consultant is very calm in these situations and always says everything is nothing to worry about but because he's so calm I tend to worry more because I think he's not looking after me - poor guy really can't catch a break with me, I'm always complaining about him :o0