Highlights during pregnancy

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Kellie Posts: 75
Hi All Does anyone know is it safe to get highlights when you are pregnant? I have heard different views on this !! Thanks :D
over the moon Posts: 676
Hi kellie, I'm 19+2 wks pregnant and got a half head of highlights last Wednesday and no problem. Think hairdresser just left me for longer before rinsing it though because seemingly if your taking iron the iron can strip colour from her hair and therefore takes longer for the highlights to take. I'm not sure if it's ok though before 12 weeks so if I were you I'd ring your hairdresser just to make sure. [url=http://www.snugglepie.com:3pcmr8po][img:3pcmr8po]http://www.snugglepie.com/ezb/619640.png[/img:3pcmr8po][/url:3pcmr8po]
Kellie Posts: 75
Thanks Over the Moon. I was trying to avoid asking her because small town, news spreads fast and I was going to keep it quiet a bit longer.. I think I might just have to tell her though.. :?
msmcb1 Posts: 508
Kellie why dont you phone your own doctor instead of asking/ telling your hairdresser? I think id much rather hear it from my doctor than my hairdresser.
woonoo Posts: 78
Got mine done at 8 weeks, no problem. Told her I was pg, so she left a teeny gap between hair and scalp so no mix went on the scalp. So, the roots are a week early, but what harm? I know others don't colour and that's fine but I have to and have no worries at all.
msmcb1 Posts: 508
Opps Kellie congratulations!
Kellie Posts: 75
Thanks a million girls. :D Thats a good idea to ring my own doctor, should have thought of that one :oops:
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I had mine done before I knew I was pregnant and the waited ages before doing them again.You can always get a rinse instead or one without bleach which is what I had last month
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
There isn't a problem with highlights as long as the colour is not resting on your scalp, ie make sure you get easi meche not the hat thing. Its colours they avoid against, apparently they can seep into the blood.
bride may Posts: 435
I had my roots done at 11 weeks. Rang midwife before to check if it was ok she said there is no problem dying your hair it won't damage the baby the problem that arises is the hormones in our bodies because there are so many new ones and high levels that it is not guaranteed that your hair will take the colour also you could get a reaction like funny coloured hair! This is why they advise you to wait until after 12 weeks as the hormones have settled more. My hairdresser kept a good eye on my head and didn't leave it on for as long as normal and it turned out perfect. She also said the same as midwife and said some hairdressers won't do it before 12 weeks because of this and they are afraid of being sued.I only got it done because I had a christening and they were really bad. The dye will not harm your baby.