highlights if pregnant?

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baby-bel Posts: 929
Hey, Just wondering if you can get blonde highlights done if you are pregnant? :wv
honeybee Posts: 624
There is different views on coloring your hair when preggers. Generally it is recommended that you wait till after your first trimester before coloring pretty much the dye can enter your blood stream and Possibly do harm to baby. Others advise it is not safe at all to color your hair. I waited till after the 12weeks for highlights just to be safe.
bonita Posts: 1678
as far as Im aware Highlights are safe as they are not put directly onto your scalp like a colour - so they can't get into your blood stream. Maybe speak to your hairdresser.
wombats Posts: 665
personally I think that there's no danger with highlights as they are not on your scalp. I've had my hair highlighted every 6 weeks since very beginning of pregnancy and no problems. Go for it!
honeybee Posts: 624