Highlights when pregnant

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loz04 Posts: 225
Hi Girls I am now the magical 12 weeks (!) and desperately in need of getting my highlights done. Are the risks limited at this stage or what do you all think?
Gerbera Posts: 539
Hiya, COngrats on your pregnancy! Just letting you know that when I was pregnant I let my hairdresser know before she went ahead with colouring my hair. I would usually get my hair coloured and highlighted but for the duration of my pregnancy she just did the colour and left out the highlights. I don't know if things have changed in the past 4 years but if you make your hairdresser aware of the situation they should be able to advise you! Good luck!
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
Hi, Now I could be wrong but as far as I know, there is no risk to your baby if thats what your thinking and the real reason why your not reckomended to highlight your hair while your pregnant is because your hair will be a lot weaker while your pregnant and may become very dry and brittle if you highlight it. Your hair may also get very thin during your pregnancy but it should return to its normal strenght within a year of the babys birth. Congratulations btw!
September 2005 Posts: 377
From week 12 it is fine. Before that your colour might not come out the colour it usually does.
Judy Posts: 612
I did after twelve weeks was told it was no harm then, had heard that some women s hair is brittle and may even fall out but I have to say the highlights of my pregnancy was good thick hair long fab nails and perfect skin all of which has gone to crap since I had her, so im telling h2b were starting straight away after wedding I want all them goodies back too!