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faro6 Posts: 57
Hi, I'm trying to hire a mustang as a surprise for my boyfriend to get to the church but I can't find anywhere that hires these type of cars. Does anyone know any companies that hire cars like a mustang. Thanks. L
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
I would love info on this too!! Can anyone help us????? :o)ll
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
i have been trying without success to order any car that is a little special, i too, had the idea of suprising dp with a new shape Bentley and while i did eventually find a supplier, when i emailed they didn't bother replying and i read later that they charge €950 for the day, which is mental considering we're already spending over €1000 on cars already, but at least theres two and i'll get a few more in than the 4 seater Bentley!! Rant over... i too would be interested in any places for such car hire, it seems the norm in other countries but theres not much sight of it here, which to be honest i find a little shocking!! surely there would be a big market for such a thing...
overjoyed Posts: 60
ladies i want a mustang too.any suggestions?
Dee24 Posts: 608
Hi Ladies I really wanted to do this for my other half aswell. I managed to get in contact with a guy from an American Car Enthusiats club in Mullingar, and there are regulations in Ireland which prevent people hiring out these cars to the public. Its something to do with the size of the engine's and insurance implications. You're only allowed to have a mustang for Private use. I was really disappointed, but I'm still looking in case I got this wrong - but I have rang several companies and searched all over and have had no joy so far.
Newbie B2B Posts: 135
Hi all, I have done loads of car searcing as I'd really love something different for wedding car eg hire an Aston Martin or something like that. I didnt come across any mustangs in my extensive searching but i did find a couple other sites that you might be interested in: http://www.cupidcars.com/weddings.html (hire cadillacs etc) http://www.southcoastcadillac.com/service.php (silver cadillac) http://www.austinobrien.com/bettlecollection.html (old school white convertible beatle) Sadly i still did not find somewhere i can hire an Aston Martin or Porsche. There is a place in Limerick (heritage sports cars) that do a Ferrari but it looks pretty crap and about 20 years old! if anyone has info on cars for me, would really aprpeciate if you could send on also. Someone mentioned to me recently about trying to hire one from car hire companies like airports but i cant seem to find any that do anything higher class that Mercs or Audis. Thanks a lot all :0
bloomingcadillac Posts: 2
Hi all, I have a black cadillac which I hire for weddings. I am listed in the supplier directory under blooming cadillacs. There appears to be a limited number of suppliers of all american cars in ireland. It has less to do with the engine size and insurance implications but more the regulations on the hiring of limosuines/taxis/hackneys. All wedding car operators must be registered & licensed by the Taxi regulator & therefore must have the appropriate insurance in place, this is much more expensive than normal classic car insurance would be. In addition the vehicles must also undergo an annual NCT where no allowance is made for their age. Its an offence, with hefty fines, to offer a vehicle for hire without being properly licensed & insured and the members of classic car club simply can't afford to risk this, as the Taxi Regulator is now clamping down on this type of activity. The taxi regulator might be able to give a list of registered limousine suppliers. Good luck in your search. Gary