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choclate Posts: 25
Hi again Looking for some advise, my boyfriend would rather buy a really good suit for our wedding day as opposed to hiring one. He would give money to his best man and grooms man for their suits, also which would be bought. My h2b has been bestman before and i thought the wedding suit did nothing for him. I also think it would be a good idea to buy a suit as he could get wear of it again. I not seen this at other weddings, some of my friends think it is a mad idea! Would appreciate any advise.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
D'know what i think is Mad? That the bride and bridesmaids get nice new (expensive) dresses and the men have to settle for hired suits that have probably seen hundreds if not thousands of weddings!!!!!! My H2b will be buying his, suit only needs the trousers and shirt anyway, as we're getting married abroad and it will all be very relaxed and informal. I dont want to be throwing my arms around my new husband wearing clothes that someone else had worn. Dont mean to sound snobby (or offend anyone) when I say that but its just something that bugs me. Wouldnt care less though if someone said they were doing it but would just think it odd for me IYKWIM?
spring2010 Posts: 81
my H2B is buying a suit...he doesnt like the morning suit style (and neither do I) so he is going to buy something that he can wear again. He only has a best man (his brother) and he is either going to just wear a grey suit that he has or we will rent one for him (or as said above, we could give him the renal money if he wants to buy) I am then going to buy 3 shirts and matching ties for H2B, BM and my dad. January sales or trip to kildare village should sort it at a reasonable price :wv
puppet Posts: 61
H2B bought his suit but will hire the ones for the rest of the wedding party as well as a waist coat for him to match the guys, his suit is dark gray and the hired ones are black but it looks really good having a bit of contrast. Had them all lined up in the shop to make sure it didn't look ridiculas.
july2009bride Posts: 532
My hubby and his brother bought new suits. hubby's was dark grey and his brother's was the same suit but a lighter grey, both looked great on the day.
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Yeah I'm trying to understand why some brides get to spend thousands on dresses and why the grooms have to hire a suit loads of people have worn before!!! If anything, it should be the other way round. My H2B is going for bought good suit, that he will also get wear out of afterwards. Brides can't even wear their dress again!
Mrs.daffodil2010 Posts: 385
H2B already has his suit, he bought it last Christmas, a lovely navy one that he can wear to work again, and we will buying the best man and my Dad the same suit from the same shop. Must get going on that soon! Nothing weird about buying the suit at all. Go for it.
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
My hubby bought his suit, but we rented the rest of the lads suits. I think if your h2b wants to buy one then why not, as DCee said, why should the girls all buy new dresses ! As petersgirl said her h2b bought a good suit that he can wear afterwards. That was another reason my husband bought his and also, he said that he didn't want a formal suit.
Irish Posts: 76
I think buying a suit is a great idea. I personally think that most hired suits are ill fitting and not that nice. My fella is buying a gorgeous Paul Smith suit. We're not having a best man or bridesmaid so dont have to worry about the rest of the wedding party. Hired suits dont come cheap and I think its much better value in the long run to get a nice suit. As previous poster said, the sales could be great to get a few suits
drinkpinkhorse Posts: 77
My H2B bought his suit a fab pin stripe grey suit, he tried outfit on the other day and he was to die for in it! Cant wait to be his wife!! :) We only have 1 best man and my dad and then our ds as page boy, bought matching shirts and ties for them and then they can wear whatever suits or trousers they want. Cheaper easier and can use them again or I can sell on e-bay after wedding :) Dont like idea of rented suit either!