Hiring Bus for Guests

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looneytoon Posts: 181
Leanne2112 Posts: 313
I'm definitely not and I don't know how big a thing it is anymore so I really wouldn't worry about leaving it out. The way I see it people are driving to the church anyway, it's surely as easy to get their car home from the hotel as it is from the church.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
We had one as there were a lot of guests from abroad, the church was 45mins from venue and the church is not our parish church and a lot of people wouldn't know where it is. It's pricey though, got prices from 5 coach hire places. Jj kavanagh was cheapest. Think approx e400. Think it's a nice touch but not necessary if you're marrying locally.
flare13 Posts: 93
Thanks Hbombadero for the figures - we are also going to do that as well. Most of the accom for our wedding will be about 15 mins away from the church/venue. Interested to hear if €500 is about standard? Am thinking of giving the bus driver a cd of cheesy wedding music to play on the way there (& maybe bottles of water for the return trip).
flare13 Posts: 93
Ps sorry I mean if €400 is standard!
secretbridie Posts: 359
It's something we have considered doing as our church is in the city centre and has no carpark, but when I mentioned it to any of our married friends they advised me against. General consensus was that we have enough to be organising and it would only create more stress and expense for something that people may not even use. I also think it'd be hard to organise - who's staying where etc. If people are staying at the hotel will they use it - would we have to put something on the RSVP to find out?? If they're not will you have to get the bus to do a few pick ups on the way? It just feels a bit excessive to me now. Instead we are doing a deal with a local carpark and giving directions to it with our invitations. I was at a wedding where transport was provided by the B&G, but they have since said that they wouldn't do that again.
chilis Posts: 149
We are debating this. Hotel is only about half an hour from our local areas but there is literally one taxi. Just want people to be able to relax and not worry about getting home. Just have to see how the budget is going!
mayogalinwales Posts: 129
We did this as we had a lot of guests coming from abroad. Most of them arrived the day before and stayed in the hotel for two nights. We didn't see the point of them hiring cars which would just sit outside the hotel all day. So we arranged for a bus to meet them off their flight which they covered the cost of and we arranged for a bus to take them to the church and back. It's about 20 mins drive to the church and the cost was €200 - worth it as our guests really appreciated it.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
How would people get home? If it brings then back home to the home town that evening, would it do a few runs for people that want to leave at different times?
looneytoon Posts: 181