History of preterm births

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buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Hi girls, I had my first LO at 35+4. On no 2 I was hospitalised at 32 wks with pains but released a few days later & put on bed rest & she arrived at 38 wks. Both were spontaneous. Waters went at home & babies arrived within a few hrs. Now pregnant with no 3 so looking to hear from people who may have been through similar situation. Is there anything I can do to prolong pregnancy? What should I ask doc? Someone mentioned to me that maybe I should take progesterone.... Thanks
70schick Posts: 201
Congrats on your pregnancy! I suppose with your history you probably feel you will go early again so it's definitely worth looking at your options. I wonder if the fact that your second arrived at 38 wks would they be classed as early - I say this as our first arrived at 36+4 and she was not considered early at all at the time and it wasn't referred to while I was pregnant with no 2. On no 2 I did have to take progesterone though for a short cervix so maybe consider getting your cervical length measured as it is linked with early deliveries. I was on progesterone up to 32 wks then consultant decided my measurements were ok and if I did deliver at that stage it would be ok :ooh Anyway, I had to be induced at 39 wks for pre-eclampsia so that's a whole other story. I hope you get some sound reassurance from your Dr. Good luck!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I have a history of preterm labour but a lot earlier (23 and 18 weeks so I lost them sadly) For my next Son I went on progesterone through to 28 weeks and had a cervical stitch put in at 14 and removed at 36, I was induced at 38 weeks. Im pregnant again and am doing same, all well so far. Stitch might be something to look into But agree 38 weeks isnt early as such, 37 is considered term Best of luck