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nic06 Posts: 454
Well I knew it would happen eventually, but I have suddenly hit a wall with tiredness. I don't normally feel tired in work as there is so much going on, but I have to take a time out, go and have a cup of tea, as i feel absolutely and utterly exhausted. Anyone else just have it hit you out of the blue. :eek No other symptom. I think it must be my body telling me to slow down as I usually am on the go at work for about 10 hours a day and then loads at home or hobbies. I am fit for nowhere but bed, not like me at all at all.
Itisasecret Posts: 389
Nic, Take heed and listen to your body. My tiredness lasted for 20 weeks and I mean wrecked by 8 and in bed by 8.30pm Your body is providing all the nourishment for your lil babs and coping with all of the changes- physically, mentally and emotionally. Some days you may feel more tired than others and this could be due to the baby taking a growth spurt. So take the rest when you can and if you are in work and wrecked go straight home to rest after work!
nic06 Posts: 454
Thanks Its a secret, Naively I thought that I would be able to just carry on as I always have done. Never been ill from work or missed a day but god I could just go home now and not wake up until next week. Definately will need to change a few things sooner rather than later.