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Fur Posts: 131
Girls, is it ok/safe to wear hold me in while pregnant? Is there a special maternity pair maybe? Thanks x
mammybean Posts: 10364
i dont know the offical recommendations on this but i personally wouldnt wear them .
mumof2 Posts: 3864
TBH I wouldn't - I lived in those but threw them all out when I got my BFP - no point in quashing babs in - I would imagine that you wouldn't be very comfortable in them anymore anyways
Fur Posts: 131
Thanks girls, isnt there some sort of maternity pants things?Sorry can remember the details.
pluto Posts: 3893
Is this what you're looking for, Fur? [img:35doh28i]http://www.handybaby.com/images/products/grobag/Bando-white-no-top.jpg[/img:35doh28i] http://www.handybaby.com/bando-p-162.html
Fur Posts: 131
Thanks all, that looks interesting madgie, has any one tried this or the belly belt(couldnt remember) ? :thnk
pluto Posts: 3893
I'm definitely investing in the belly belt anyway. Going to order it today. It means I can get a bit longer out of my own pants, plus I won't have to go around with my button open in fear of my pants falling down :-8 :o0
Fur Posts: 131
Thanks Madgie, how exactly does the belt work? :-8
december29 Posts: 395
spanx do a maternity hold me in thing...the bump area is just like tights (doesn't hold u in there) but hold you in the but,thigh area apparantly...girl in work got one and says its greats http://www.spanx.com/pls/enetrixp/!stme ... 69729.page
pluto Posts: 3893
[quote="Fur":dot4tdpg]Thanks Madgie, how exactly does the belt work? :-8[/quote:dot4tdpg] You attach it to the buttons in your own pants...so basically you leave your pants open and this is like an extension to it. They're meant to be a godsend Here's a pic of one from www.handybaby.com [img:dot4tdpg]http://www.handybaby.com/images/categories/gro_group/belly_belt.jpg[/img:dot4tdpg] The unique maternity wear solution for before and after the birth Want more choice in your maternity wardrobe and don’t want to rush out to buy huge maternity clothes the moment you can't button your jeans? Use a ‘Belly Belt™’! Invented in Australia, and officially endorsed by the Australian Society of Independent Midwives, the Belly Belt™ allows you to continue to wear your favourite jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts for the majority of your pregnancy. It’s also ideal for using after the baby is born until you can fit into all your old pre-pregnant clothes again.