Holiday abroad to Not?? Soz quiet long

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Shel Posts: 33
Hi Girlies, Need some advise please! Don't know what to do about my hols, I've the 1st 2 weeks of August off and we had planned to get a last minute deal for 1 week. But I have been reading all the comments on not letting yourself get overheated, stay in the shade, watch the food, don't get sunburn, swollen ankles. I'm afraid that if we go on hols I'll be so worried about getting sick or watching that I don't get burned that I won't enjoy it :ooh My DH is also worried, and wondering would it be worth it if anything goes wrong. We were thinking of going to Portugal which isn't too hot this time of year (i think) and last night I saw a nice last minute deal. Should I book or not?? Otherwise we were thinking maybe it would be easier to stay in Ireland & book a nice hotel or head to Scotland?? I'm 16 weeks and get quiet tired otherwise i'm doing good. I haven't had my scan yet due to have it on the 28th. I have had an internal scan at 5 weeks due to bleeding & all is fine since. Bascially my question is should I go abroad or stay in Ireland or go somewhere close as in Scotland or a city break. For those of you who went abroad did u enjoy it ? Suggestions / opinions are welcome. Thanks :wv
mac tavish Posts: 296
hi, from what i have heard your second trimester is the best time to go away. I said it to my doctor about going abroad and he said it would be fine. If you do go just be as careful as you are here with regards to food etc. Maybe pop to your doctor or say it to them at your scan. Id say once your blood pressure and all is ok you should be fine. <a href=""><img src="" alt="pregnancy calendar" border="0" /></a>
short n sweet Posts: 1802
I would go - I was on hols 3 weeks ago at 22 weeks and it was fine - yes I stayed in teh shade the whole time and wore factor 30 and only drank bottled water but apart from that it was fine - I think you will enjoy it - the food in Portugal is delicious with loads of fresh fish which would be fine fo ryou to eat - go and enjot yourself! I found the not drinking for a whole week while DH was merry ever night hard but apart from that no worries - just take your time when walking in the heat and make sure you have water with you all the time
babybrain Posts: 592
Hi Shel, you'll be around 19 weeks..that's a perfect time to go on hols..and if I were you and you enjoy sun holidays usually, I would go as there's nothing more relaxing that putting your feet up by a pool :-) do have to be more careful in the sun (higher SPF, cover bump, don't overheat etc)..but it will still be really relaxing. And I found, staying out of the extreme heat between 12 and 3 was easy, I just went inside and either napped or read my book in the shade both really relaxing. Portugal isn't too hot at this time of year and you would just have to make sure that there is a hospital relatively nearby (could ask travel agent or google)and make sure your health insurance covers you abroad and you're all set. I went away around that time and I have to say, I'm so glad I did. After severe ms in the first trimester it was lovely to go away and just enjoy the sunshine and food and relax. A city break wouldn't have been appealing to me at that stage, and as nice as Ireland is, I thought swimming in the pool etc, was way more relaxing that anything ireland had to offer! So there's my advice - go for it!!!
sunnyside Posts: 3164
I would go- and that's coming from someone who has just taken two holidays abroad already this summer :-8 (thought I should squeeze in as many as possible in case that's my lot for a few years! :o0 ). I am so glad I went on both. All the advice applies even to people who aren't pregnant- drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun during the hottest hours, wear a hat etc. I wore factor 20 suncream which I always wear, never burned and got a nice suntan which has made me feel a million times better. Portugal is in the EU and will have a good healthcare system. And if you have had no problems so far then all should be grand. Book it and enjoy. :wv
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I think you should go, especially as you dont have a specific reason not to go. It'll come automatically to you to drink lots of water and watch yourself in the sun. I was only 8 weeks going to Spain... wore factor 50 the whole time, came back as white as a ghost, had to use that tanning body lotion to give me a bit of a colour. Go and enjoy it, it'll probably be the last hol you two will get to take alone in a long while!
rushinbride Posts: 1097
its totally a personal choice...if I were you I would be gone...As sunnyside said - all the advice you've read applies to everyone - you just need to make sure while pregnant that you really are watching yourself.. I took this wk off work - I'm 27 wks 5days (I think - can't see my ticker :-8 ) Last wk we said f**k it we'll head away on a cheap holiday somewhere with our son...I went off booking it and found that even tho everyone (including doctors) tell you its safe to travel up until 30/32 wks...most travel insurance companies don't insure women who will have less than 14wks to their due date on their return(which would make it up to 26wks that insurance companies will insure you) in theory it ruled out travel insurance for me, so i thought it wasn't worth it in the long run - having said that - if i had taken my wk off - 3 wks ago - all you would have seen would be my dust... enjoy this holiday - it'll be a proper break no hangovers just pure relaxation...soon there'll be a baby that'll probably change a lot of your breaks to come!!