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SummerBabe Posts: 5
Hi Everyone, I am new here so sorry if this has been asked before. My husband and I want to go away for a last holiday together before the baby arrives (due date is June 2007!!!) and we are looking at going away the first 2 weeks in March when I will be 26-28 weeks pregnant but not sure where to go. Know I want some sun and looked at Malaysia but am afraid this is too long a flight and not sure of the medical facilities. Also now looking at the Canaries but not sure that will be warm enough in March to sit and relax around a pool. Anyone else in the same boat? All advise welcome:-)
Quinn2Be Posts: 177
The gran canaria is hot nearly all year round. The flight to Malaysia may be a bit too long? what about Dubai or somewhere like that?
SummerBabe Posts: 5
Was maybe thinking of Dubai but once again I was worried about the medical facilites - should refrain from reading all horror stories!! Has anyone been to Dubai? Nice?
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Best thing is to check with your doctor/consultant to ensure that there is no medical reason why you cannot have a holiday at that time. This was also debated in another thread if you want to click on the following links and If you are unable to fly then you could consider something in Ireland - I know our weather is not the best but there are some really lovely hotels/guest houses around the country. If you are able to fly then think about going somewhere with a relatively short flight. I have been to the Canaries in December and the weather was fabulous - cannot remember how long the flight was though. Also some airlines may have restrictions but your booking agent or their website should have that info. HTH, Tedsters
Quinn2Be Posts: 177
Dubai is supposed to have EXCELLENT medical facitilities... I know someone who ended up in one of the hospitals and said it was excellent, much better than here! the gran canaria is about 5.5 hours and I think Dubai is about 7
SummerBabe Posts: 5
Thanks for the links Tedsters. I am actually living in Amsterdam and their attitude to pregnancy and birth is very different from back home, scaringly different:-( You don't see a Doctor, just a mid-wife, it is the norm to have the baby at home and they don't believe in pain relief as don't think it is necessary!!!! I did ask about taking a holiday in my first check-up a few weeks ago and the mid-wife's attitude was so blasé and "whatever you want to do". Not what a first time Mum-to-be wants to here.
Septbride Posts: 380
Hi Summerbabe Firstly Congrats!! I posted more or less the same question last wk and I am in the same circumstances, i.e. baby due in June and want to go away in March!! We are thinking about Madeira - hubbie was there a long time ago and was always dying to go back, so I think thats where we have decided on!! Maybe you could try look at a few places there!! Best of luck with the decisions and enjoy your holidays wherever you decide to go!!!! sb x
irish bride Posts: 558
Hi there, Just be careful that you don't choose somewhere too hot as you could end up being very uncomfortable in the heat at that stage. xxx
shoegal Posts: 323
Maybe consider going somewhere that english will be the number one language in case you did need to go to hospital but i'm sure it won't come to that. We went to Florida & it was fab!
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Ah SummerBabe I am so envious of you - wish I was living on the continent as I was thinking in writing my original post how frustrating it is to living on an Island!! So flight options for you would be shorter/longer from Schiphol airport. You could also consider taking the train south maybe to South of France or something like that? Tot ziens!!