Holiday destinations October?

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junglegirl Posts: 239
Can anyone please recommend a nice place to go to for a nice relaxing holiday in October?We just want to go somewhere sunny with a nice beach and not too far away?Any one know any nice spots?We have looked at Italy,Malta ,Dubai,but cant decide.Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
Wiggles Posts: 629
If its just sun and relaxing by pool you want ... the cheapest option most likely would be the Canary Islands. If you want to spend more .. but still have the sun .. and maybe nicer hotel .. I would recommend Dubai or Oman. IMO Oman is far nicer than Dubai .. Dubai is just like any big city ... huge concrete buildings all around and on the beaches doorstep. Not the nicest place in the world but its great for shopping and for somewhere different .. the jeep safari is brillant .. but not relaxing !! Oman is paradise on earth. Gulfair fly direct. It is the way Dubai was 10 years ago before all the building work started. Check out the shangri la hotel .. muscat .... Can only be described as heaven. Luxrious surroundings, finest food, treated like king and queen from moment you arrive .. and yet you are left to relax and forget all your worries. Any where you decide to go I am sure will be lovely .. as long as its not raining and cold - like Ireland !!! Am so fed up with this weather !!!
Baby06 Posts: 307
I'd second Oman. We went there on honeymoon and it was heaven! 9 hour flight from london, with a one hour stop at Abu Dabai, with BA. Gulfair would probably be a better option as it's direct from Dublin.