Holiday & Honeymoon Pregnant Tips??

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Hyper2012 Posts: 1327
Hi Ladies, I'm off to Spain next week for a week then home for day and off on Honeymoon 4days Las Vegas 6days Mexico. Going to get travel socks drink water and take walks i have noted maternity hospitals in all 3Spots!! Is there anything else I should be doing or preparing???
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Don't forget travel insurance, just in case, and maybe consider bringing your hospital card with you? May be a bit early to be concerned anything would happen, but just in case you may be glad to have it to hand? If it's really warm then stay out of the sun and cover the bump. Avoid tap water and keep well hydrated! Bon voyage!
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
I can't see if you have a ticker cos I'm on the wol app but I was 14 weeks pg on honeymoon & the only thing I brought was my hospital folder with all my notes. I did find that I couldn't bear the sun as much (usually I'd be well able for it) & stayed in the shade mostly. It was fab though & soo relaxing! Enjoy :)
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Be prepared for your legs to swell more than usual - we flew to NZ at 24 weeks and I couldn't get my shoes on again after the Frankfurt flight! Luckily I had slippers that looked like ballet pumps in my hand luggage so wore them the rest of the way. Enjoy your holidays.
curlysu Posts: 811
Make sure you have your European Health Insurance card ... ents/EHIC/