Holiday/honeymoon weight gain

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prettymolly Posts: 43
Ladies How much weight did you put up n holiday or honeymoon ? Think I'm up a stone did go mad eating & drinking! Hope it will come off and hoping some is just bloat Feel craaaaaaaappppp !!!!! X
eldc2012 Posts: 17
I put on 5 pounds during honeymoon. Back since mid August and Ive put on another 5 pounds since. Been having a hard time since coming home from honeymoon (had a miscarriage) and I'm a comfort eater so spent a month eating crap. Joined unislim online last week though and trying to get back on track. Its hard work without the motivation of the wedding dress but when your clothes are so tight you cant wait to get home from work to put on your pjs then somethings gotta be done! O:| O:| Same ol story, so hard to lose it, so easy to ut it back on!
paperclips Posts: 3146
While in New York, we did so much walking around I don't think I gained anything there despite all the eating but in Miami i gained about 7lbs or so. All we did was sunbathe, eat and drink. Lunch time was burgers and stuff and then dinner was three course meals and the portions were huge. I found the weight fell off handy enough when we came home as I got back into routine and there was no such thing as three course meals and drinking every evening. The last pound or two was definitely a struggle but I eventually got there. You have to keep reminding yourself that you're no longer on honeymoon :o(
vegaswedding Posts: 208
I gained 3 lbs on holiday but I brought my gym gear with me with the intent of working out most days- I only worked out 3 days in total so that went down the drain! I want to lose 25 lbs at least before the wedding, 11 months to go! I started my healthy eating regime as soon as I got back from hols, I've lost 1lb 4 days in and that's without any exercise, I've been too jet lagged and exhausted. This weekend I'll be going mental on exercise, it's gonna be hard work!
amthee Posts: 688
I always put on weight on holidays I put on half a stone the last time we were in Italy - lots of pizza and pasta! We went on a sun holiday the end of May, I tried to be good having ice pops instead of ice cream etc but I still managed to put on a few pounds. I am just starting to get back into my gym routine now with just under six months some work needs to be done!
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
didn't weigh myself but the clothes are getting tight and my stomach is soooo bloated :o( so frustrating after busting my a$$ training for a year you have a break for a few weeks and its all down the tube
McLisa Posts: 1815
i lost a bit of weight unintentionally before the wedding and put it back on after, i was happy up until a point as i dont like looking too skinny i like a bit of curves but its gone past that point now :o0 DH and i didnt live together before marriage so we're trying to find ourselves and get into a routine and our eating habits have become shocking - he definitely is a feeder! Also doesnt help that i sprained/twisted my ankle night before the wedding and its still playing up so i'm giving it another week then i'm hitting gym hard!