Holidays : 3 hour flight with baby of 3 months???

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WOLMOL Posts: 39
Hello Ladies, So for those of you who have done it, is it manageable or am I mad in the head :action34 ? I am a serious believer in holidays and since we won't be able to have one before baby is born I am hoping to go to Spain in Sept for a break when it's not too warm but there's still some sunshine (possibly my parents with us too which would be great help!). I've been told the smaller the baby the easier it is... I'm buying the quinny system so baby could sleep in Dreamicot and hope to breastfeed. Have any of you done it or plan to??? I'm determined to be able to cope!!!.
Delish Posts: 4176
Totally manageable - we went from Cork TO Nice, when ds was 4 months, he was fine on the plane. Drank his bottle going up and down, slept for alot of it. Have calpol with you just in case and also get the tetra packs and have some bottles to bring on board. Be careful of your buggy, they lost our head support piece from our maxi cosy car seat (€80 to replace). Go to the loo yourself before boarding as lo may be on your lap for the duration of the flight.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
We're doing the exact same thing in september! Only my sister and 20mts old nephew will be with us too!! Reckon he'll be harder to manage than a 3mts old baby!! Its definetly doable though WOLMOL!! my cousin and his wife flew to Oz with their LO when he was just 5mts old and their 6 year old - the 6 year old was harder to manage!! :o0
madhatter01 Posts: 495
we also plan to head off to the sun (for a well earned sun holiday for me lol) in Sept. Babs will be 6 mths then and I think we shud be able to manage too. Wont be too hot but still sunshine for me to lounge in lol when hubby is minding babs (haha only joking). :o0
spanish mum Posts: 2468
hey girls. Septembers a lovely month over here, much more bearable in the evenings, tho often still in its 30´s during the day (if you´re coming southern spain). Everywhere loves the little kiddies too, and you´ll see all the parents out at 11pm onwards in the restaurants with their little ones with them! They are welcome everywhere! :o0