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Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Hi everyone I'm thinking of booking a holiday for when baby will be about 3/4 months old. We were initially going to go on our own but I'm now having second thoughts and may bring baby. I was looking at New York, a cruise or perhaps Dubai (Dubai is probably not a runner due to heat). Would love to hear about your experience if you've travelled further afield with baby at a young age......
Penny_Bride2Be Posts: 254
I don't have personal experience of this but just wanted to say that I'll be doing the same. My sister-in-law travelled recently with her baby around the same age and managed just fine so I wouln't be at all worried about it. I'm thinking it will be lovely to take advantage of being off work and having a trip with my husband and our new arrival!
BabyMamma2012 Posts: 127
Hey there, I go to New York quite a lot and I have to say I find it hard at times navigating myself through the crowds, I imagine it would be even more difficult with a baby/pram and all the bits and pieces that come with them. Boston would be much better, its a slightly slower pace and has a lot of attractions and the people there are lovely and unbelievably helpful and friendly. Obviously it up to yourself but this would be my take on things anyway. I too am hoping to get away after the LO arrives and have really been toying with where to go. New York was the first I crossed off hubbys list! HTH
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Thanks first timer and penny bride2be, we had planned to go on our own but like you said I want to make the most of my time off work and could be nice to go with LO
mammatweet Posts: 105
\hi, just had to reply! I'm not a frequent traveller or poster here but when babs was ten weeks went to New york for the 1st time and when babs was under one we went to dubai! Now, I was well warned of how nasty and rude the new york bussling crowds would be - not the case. I have never before or since come across so many offering help, like we skipped queues, got offered fares, etc.! To the point of trying to bf discreetly and being approached with offers of a comfier seat! DM me if you like, I made a list of place I wanted to go to and said we'd go with the flow and was easy peasy. Went to Dubai in cooler season, was a very different holiday and the facilities there are great in any hotel/restaurant etc. so yeah, enjoy enjoy! I know for me I couldn't have left baby behind! hth
amberjack Posts: 1273
We brought Ds to Florida when he was 5 months and he was fine (it was South West Florida rather than Orlando) the flight was long, but he was very well behaved. Brought a maxi cosi and Quinny base as our buggy, so we had the car seat and buggy. 4 weeks later we brought him to Spain and he was a lot more fidgety. 3/4 months should be a perfect time to go. Good luck, enjoy!
medea49 Posts: 324
Hiya! I've travelled extensively with my son (now 2) -- we lived in NYC for 3 months when he was 5-7 months of age. Before he turned one we'd been to Spain, England, and all over the US (including Oregon, Washington, California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey) -- and we've taken him loads of other places since! I would definitely avoid anywhere too hot -- it's no fun trying to cool down baby! Really when they are that small it's super easy to take them anywhere -- and cheap -- so take advantage of it!! NYC is a lot of fun with kids, but keep in mind several things: - you probably won't be able to take cabs as it's not practical hauling a car seat around (but you probably WILL have to bring one anyway just for the airport transfers there and back); if you have a travel system with a detachable car seat it might work for you though. - you will end up doing a lot more walking, as many subway stops don't have elevators (or otherwise you'll get very good at carrying buggies up & down stairs -- we did! :) ) - so if you do go, stay somewhere central where you can walk to lots of things, or close to a major subway hub that has elevators (you can check this on the MTA site) - otherwise NYC is very easy with kids: museums, Central Park, etc. are all great fun with little ones, and people are very helpful when you have a baby in tow. In terms of flying, it's a doddle -- just be sure to ring the airline as soon as you book tickets, and request a seat with a travel cot. There's no extra charge, but it's first come first serve. They are great as you sit behind the bulkhead and have extra leg space, and the cots are fine for the LOs and can give your arms a rest. Happy travels!!
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Girls, thanks so much for your replies. Great to get some reassurance , have been to NYC and Dubai so it's good to hear from ppl who've done that with a baby. Think my mind is now made up on bringing baby, now just have to pick final destination and book! Quick question - how did your little ones cope with the time difference when you travelled?
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
Lady P I used to live in Dubai and depending on what time of year you are planning on going I think it would be fine. Late Oct/Nov would be cool enough and everywhere indoor is super air con! As you know if you've been before the hotels are super luxury and the staff can't do enough to help you. They are geared up for heat and everywhere has aircon and shady areas. I would have no hesitation in bringing a baby there. Dubai at that time of year is super pricey though!!
Mrs Ellie Posts: 266
its great to hear positive replies about bringing a baby on a holiday far away.. alot of people are very negative about bringing a baby on hols.. would love to bring baby on a cruise..