holles st 1st and only visit

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firefly78 Posts: 312
I am having my 20 week scan on Monday and just wondering what I should be asking as this is the only time I will be going there apart from the labour itself as they are choc a block with appointments so I go to Loughlinstown instead and my GP. Can I ask about birth plans/pain killers/gas etc. will they ahve time to take my questions? So I ask if I can see the labour ward? Where do I park as I know it is limited round there? What should I be asking about? thanks & sorry for all the qs.
firefly78 Posts: 312
alton Posts: 3077
I attend the SP clinic in Holles St, where I see my consultant. For the scan you are in a different part of the hospital and the person that you see is really just there to do the scan. I would imagine that questions on your birthplan, pain relief might be better directed at the person you see at Loughlinstown or your GP. Is it a midwife that you see at loughlinstown? Under the circumstances you should ring and ask if it will be possible to visit the labour ward - I honestly don't know if they have a policy on that. Are you going to do antenatal classes at the hospital? I know a labour ward visit is included in that. Parking probably won't be a problem to find...only to pay for :o0 There are usually spaces around the park opposite the hospital. The scan is a lovely experience, I hope you enjoy it. Remember that they have to take a lot of data and measurements and if baby is moving it can be tricky for them to get some of them. So if the person doing the scan looks like s/he's really concentrating hard, don't jump to the conclusion that there is something terrible wrong!! Oh and you don't need a full bladder for this scan!!!!!