Holles St 1st night bag

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McMummy Posts: 1041
I know this has been posted over and over but I’m really lost on what to bring to Holles st hospital for the first night. Here’s what I’m not sure about: Do I need a baby blanket? Do I need to bring need to bring sheets for the baby crib in hospital? I’m bringing 2 nighties for me one for the labour and one to change into. Is this enough? I know I need a towel for me do I need one for the baby too? I only have a small overnight bag for the first night as I was told they wouldn’t allow any bigger but doesn’t give much room for towels and sheets. Could put them in the second bag and DH could bring it in after birth but not sure what you need straight away?
mariac Posts: 982
as well as what you are bringing - i would include the following toiletries as well for shower & STs defo - baby sheet and blankets - ( i wouldnt like the hospital ones anyway) slippers baby clothes, hat, mits etc baby towel as well would have a 2nd bag lined up in DH car with everything and he could just go out to car if you forgot something anyway
agie Posts: 1107
ive got a very small labour bag, nightie, slippers, dressing gown, nicks, sts babygrow vests hat hair bobbin, towel lip balm and face spray. then i have my bag with all my shower gels etc, nighties, another towel, breast pads, knicks, bras babies bag baby grows, vests, cardigans nappies cotton wool vaseline hats mits baby towel 1 sheet muslin squares 1 cellular blanket i think thats all, but i dont have a huge amount.
McMummy Posts: 1041
Thanks for the replies. I had other stuff in my overnight bag but just wasn't sure about the stuff I mentioned in my earlier post. I got a bit of a fright last night started getting sharp pains on my left side followed by a lot of pressure pains. DH was out for the night and an hour away so I didn't really know what to do, afraid somthing was starting I repacked my bags and managed to fit everything in. The pain stopped but I have my bags all sorted now just on the safe side. I don't really know what that was maybe the head was engaging.