Holles St. Antenatal Classes and DH attending which class

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Woodstock Posts: 1565
girls, I was on the phone earlier on with the Antenatal Education dept in Holles St. and they mentioned that the antenatal classes run for 5 weeks, from 28-32 weeks, once a week, 1 hr per class. I know I am entitled to time off for them but I just realized that DH is only entitled to time off for 2 classes, the two classes immediately prior to the birth (so the 4th and the 5th class) Now, the nurse on the phone said he can probably skip the first and last class as they're not 'as important for him to attend' So I have two questions.. 1st question.. what does each class cover? 2nd question.. if the nurse reckons dh doesn't need to attend the 5th class, could he come along to 3rd and 4th as opposed to 4th and 5th since the 5th one doesn't seem to be 'as' important? Has any of you been in the same situation where DH could only go to 2 classes and you had to pick which ones (if it's at all possible)? Thanks! :thnk
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi My OH came to the 2+3 classes as far as I remember. The first one was all about breastfeeding, excercise and just general hellos etc The ones he attended were on signs of labour and pain relief. The next class he went to was on 2nd stage of labour and 3rd stage. The midwife told me which ones would be good for him to attend