holles st mums - hospital bag question

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oohbaby Posts: 164
hi there question for any mums who have been in holles street... have packed my bags at this stage but am bit confused about all the different lists and advice etc you seem to get from everywhere. have the official hosp list but seems to be very little on it. anyway, think i have everything i could possibly need at this stage (probably too much!). so i was planning on taking bare essentials in small bag (nightie, one outfit & nappy for baby, basic toiletries for me, towel) and then bigger bag with everything else for three night stay. so anyone who has been to HS already... can i bring two bags?? will they let me have a small bag in labour room with me? and where does other bag go - will DH have to bring it in later or is there somewhere in the hosp that you leave it until after labour? getting v close for me now so am in serious nesting/organising mode!!! thanks all and best of luck to other July mums to be!! :o)ll
sunsparks Posts: 2196
This link tells you what you should bring in your labour bag: [url:1q2g3x5y]http://www.nmh.ie/iopen24/defaultarticle.php?cArticlePath=2_7_71;[/url:1q2g3x5y] Here it is repeated: Useful items to bring with you to the Labour Ward It is a good idea to, some time before the estimated due date, pack a bag with things which could be useful. 2 Light loose nightdresses or pyjamas (front opening if possible to facilitate skin-to-skin contact with your baby) Light dressing gown Slippers/Flip flops (your feet might swell at end of pregnancy) Face cloth or water spray Socks Towel Toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush Shower cap (if you wish to have a shower) Something to tie up your hair CDs of relaxation music Camera Change for the telephone and parking meter At the antenatal classes, they repeated this advice. You don't need to bring anything for the baby in your labour bag as they will wrap the baby in blankets when you are transferred to the ward. AFAIK, your DH should bring in your admission's bag after you are moved to the ward. But I'm not 100% certain on this. I certainly don't think they have storage if you bring both bags in straight away. HTH
Lily K Posts: 643
Hi oohbaby, I've been packing my bag for Holles st too, I'm 35+ weeks. I haven't got an official list yet from the hospital, but just packed stuff I thought I'd need. Anyway, last week at our ante natal class the midwife was saying that when you get admitted they put your bag into a locker in admissions and hubby can access it at any time. She suggested that you just bring in a "wash bag" into labour ward but to me that seems a bit unrealistic when you consider you've to bring in outfit for baby and all. So I've packed a small gym bag for labour and then a hold all for main stay. HTH and good luck with the next couple of weeks :wv