Holles St policy on going over?

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wobbler Posts: 300
Does anyone know how long Holles Street will allow you to go overdue before they will induce you?
TracyD Posts: 750
Usually no longer than 12-14 days depending on how you and baby are doing. Tracy
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Yep they'll bring u in at 12 dyas over and scan u if everything is ok they'll let u go another two days and then induce u. Was at the antenatal class yesterday and the midwife said that they will only induce when they have to
rash2405 Posts: 292
Hi I went to Holles street and went over on first, I was brought in after 10 days aver and scanned and then told to come back 4 days later to be induced. So I went in 14 days over and was induced in the morning and again in the evening and nothing happened. The next day I was induced again in the morning and it was only late afternoon when things started kicking off, then when the doctors came around to check that evening they broke my waters and I had the baby 3 hours later.