Holles St - who might I go do?

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LindyLu Posts: 53
Hi All Its be ages since I posed a question on WOL however I found myself back here last week as I discovered I was pregnant - yippee :lol: ! and this has been confirmed by my gp...am about 7.5weeks and suffering morning sickness in the evening and have gone right off so many foods!! Thing is, I dont know what to do about hospitals, consultants, baby deliverers etc. Now that I am preg, I dont want to ask my friends who have children in case they suspect. I do think I will go to Holles St as it is relatively near where I work so it will be easy to get to. I remember one of my friends did the commumity midwife programme via Holles St and found it fantastic but I just dont know what is the best route forward - to get an Obstetric Doc (or whatever they are called) or to go the community midwife route or what. If any of you mammies or mammies to be can offer advise I would greatly appreciate it. Was supposed to get back to my GP 3 weeks ago with a name of someone who was to care for me but I have avoided going back as I just dont know yet!!
Princess Atora Posts: 275
Hi Lindylu, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am going semi-private in Holles Street. I phoned them up to get a registration number and had my first visit arranged. Then when i went in i was given a list of consultants who dealt with semi-private patients to choose from. I had no prefernce so the midwife recommended one, and i am very happy with him. You can ask for this list over the phone too i think and choose someone then... sorry that i cant help you on the community midwife route as i know nothing about that, but sure just ask them to send you some info or check out Hope this helps, look after yourself.
MTMR Posts: 788
This is my second time going semi-p in Holles st, and I attended the public dept on 1st. I've heard loads & loads of recomendations for the community midwives and they come strongly recommended. My only reason against dealig with them is if (and it probably won't!) but just if anything went wrong, you'd have accomadation in the public ward (and from my experience only I didn't like it, could be fine now) You can see most of the consultants either as a private patient or semi-p. If you do go private (don't know the cost but with VHI i think its about 2.5k) you're conultant will pop his/her head around the door when you give birth (if not on holidays), you won't have to queue in the maddness of the semi-p clinic and you may get a private room. Semi-p you do have to put up with the semi-p clinic, but the cost is around 250 and you still get the continuity of care fom the consultant. S/he won't attend the birth unless s/he is on duty that night but a consultant will be on hand if needed (usually not needed the midwives are fantastic) I saw michael foley when public (he even came to check on me after DD1 was born) Saw Grainne Flannelly last time - she was very good (you can only attend her in semi-p as she really speciallises in gynae not obs) And I'm attending Peter Mc Parland this time. Very nice man, has lots of time for you at appointments (you can see him privatelly in Blackrock clinic aswell. In all I've never had a really bad experience in holles st (except the women snoring in the public ward :evil: ) good luck what ever you decide.
millie32 Posts: 18
I had both mine in HS with Declan Keane... lovely man.. very positive experiences in Holles st.. great care.