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loveheart Posts: 686
Hi there. Did anyone go to these? If so, what did they cover? We've booked a hynobirthing course and have been told we don;t need to do both but I'm just wondering what all the Holles St one would cover? Do any of them go into things like how to bathe baby etc? Really feeling like I am going to need a lot of practical skills teaching and not sure if the Holles St one would cover things like that . . .
leixi Posts: 67
Hi Loveheart I cant really remeber what they covered as it was 5 years ago when i did them before, but i do know that they were good and very pratical, and FREE. i did not pay a penny for them, i felt prepared after doing them. Going to do a refresher course for this little one.
sunsparks Posts: 2196
They're not free any more unfortunately, but only €65 for five classes. I was considering going elsewhere to do a one-day course, but really enjoyed the HS course, even though it was a commitment each week. TBH, I found it very useful because they discussed exactly what the procedure is in HS - for instance, they normally break your waters (if they haven't already gone) at 1cm. They also discussed all their own routines. I had been going to write a birth plan, but after the course, I feel I don't need to. I'm prepared for what they offer and know which areas I like the sound of and which I don't. There's a tour of the labour ward during the last class, so you get to see where you'll actually be going to give birth. For me that was the key selling point. There isn't anything practical, however, like bathing, etc., but I think they do a postnatal course that could cover that? I could be wrong...
leixi Posts: 67
no way, did not know you had to pay now, but i suppose €65 is not to bad, i forgot to mention that after you have your baby the mid wifes do little demo's of how to bath your baby and change nappies, top and tail etc. i was in the Public ward and they did this anyway. it was nice. hopefully they have not changed this to.
loveheart Posts: 686
Great girls! Thanks! I'm totally in two minds about it altogether but all that info will def help!
stormrages222 Posts: 44
They are free if you do the day time ones but if you want to do the Monday evening class (there may be another evening class on a different night) then it cost €65. You do have to book early! I have done two classes so far and over all they are pretty good.. (maybe a bit too much about breast feeding, i don't mind cause i will be giving it a go but god i would be bored if i had decided against it) Anyway have to say i think so far they are worth it!
surprisejellybaby Posts: 46
Here you go! ********************************************************** COURSE OF SIX CLASSES IN PREPARATION FOR LABOUR This course of classes commences between 28 - 32 weeks' gestation. There are couples and girls only classes available. Early booking is necessary. These classes are held in the classroom on the 2nd floor. Class 1: Keeping you and your baby well in pregnancy. Topics for discussion Midwife / include: health and exercise in pregnancy, benefits of breastfeeding your Physiotherapist baby. Class 2: The signs of labour, first stage of labour and pain relief for labour are Midwife discussed in detail. Class 3: The second and third stage of labour, caesarean sections and instrumental Midwife deliveries are discussed in detail. Class 4: Labour workshop – includes breathing and positions for 1st and 2nd stage of Physiotherapist labour, TENS and massage. Class 5: Breastfeeding video and talk on breastfeeding management. Post maturity Midwife and management of same, also fetal movement awareness. Discussion and tour of the delivery ward. Class 6: This class is held the first Thursday of the month at 3.45pm in the Lecture Midwife / Dietitian Theatre. Booking is not necessary for this class and partners are welcome. At this class a video of a normal delivery, which was made at this hospital is presented, followed by talks from the antenatal education sister and dietitian. Antenatal Breastfeeding Class is on the first Friday of every month at 12.45pm for one hour or the third Tuesday of every month at 6pm for one hour. **********************************************************
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I did an excellent 1 day cuidiu one which I thought it was great on dd2, I did a good one in the rotunda the first time around but I found going in for a couple of classes a bit of a pain to be honest.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
I did the HS one and thought it was brilliant. I attended a parenting class the day after giving birth which covered the bathing bit and then Q&A on feeding etc. I have to say I would really recommend it, I felt well prepared and like sunsparks I didnt bother to write a birth plan either. HTH