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agie Posts: 1107
Just wondering if anyone can help. Had my 12 week scan last thursday and my consultant told me to ring holles street and book classes as they get booked up very quickly. Anyone done these classes? Also anyone done yoga in holles street? Is there a list on their website of the classes and times ?
Munchie1 Posts: 50
Here is the url for Antenatal department. I have done the Yoga and recommend it. I have to say that the yoga is very gentle and no previous experience is necessary. There is a long waiting list to do the class especially the evening classes. I think they try to get every to start around the same time about 20 weeks in. The other Antenatal class are also popular and easier to get into. If you ring the number the girl in charge will take your name and details. FYI they will only take you if you are registered to deliver in holles street. [url:1z3mfw40][/url:1z3mfw40]
agie Posts: 1107
Thanks a mill munchie 1 for that
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:1qbk60x6]We just started the classes there last Monday and they run on for 5/6 weeks. I thought it was quite late to have us starting them but they explained to us that it'll all be fresher in our minds once the baby comes along!! I just hope I don't go early, as I'll miss out on some classes!! I did the pregnacy yoga, but elsewhere, and would totally recommend it!! I heard the Holles St. one is very good!!![/color:1qbk60x6]
agie Posts: 1107
My next question, I know dh will not make the classes so if i do register to do mammy only class, is there one or 2 that i could bring him along too? or is there a class that you think your dp enjoyed or is a must for him to go too?
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I went to one there about nutrition.Then the physiotherapist came in and started discussing"pelvic floor" I fainted and ended up making a fool of myself.
agie Posts: 1107
Your joking? Did you really faint?
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
yes,I was put sitting on a bed in one of the nearby wards and dh had to leave work to pick me up even though i was fine. :-8 the shame
agie Posts: 1107
Im a fainter too and i read earlier that the second trimester to experience dizziness - ill be on the floor constantly at this rate!