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Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Hi Just wondering if any of you that went private in Holles St can help. Are all the private rooms located in the Merrion Wing? I've heard people referring to the Merrion Wing and am just wondering. Would also be interested in your experience of Holles St Private, have just had one visit but was in and out in 15 mins so would love to hear how others got on as their pregnancy progressed. Many thanks
MammyG Posts: 565
I didn't attend holles st myself- but I was born there nearly thirty years ago :) - but any friends of mine who went to holles st went private and they all stayed in the merrion wing- I only know this because I visited them there- sorry if that's not much help maybe some of the holles st mammies can give you a better answer :wv
hils138 Posts: 680
All the private rooms in Holles Street are in the Merrion Wing but just because you go private, doesn't guarantee a room there!!! There are only about 20 rooms and if they are full then you are put in a SP room. I went private with Stephen Carroll and thought it was worth every penny. It is true that you are in and out in few minutes but if you have any questions or worries he was amazing. I ended up with a section and found it very comforting knowing the surgeon operating on me. HTH
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
yeah all the rooms are in the merrion wing and two of them have 2 beds in them. just depends on the luck of the draw really as to when/if you get one. i think even at busy times most people get onto the merrion wing after maybe one night on a smei-private ward. i was lucky and had my whole stay there. most of your appointments will be even less than 15 mins, i swear sometimes i was in and out in less than 5! depending on your consultant, they just ask how things are, check your urine and do a scan. there's not much else they can do though! what's great is the continuity of care and that you get to know them and they know you and any concerns you have. you can also ring them any time with any questions/concerns you have and i know i was practically best buddies with the secretary as she was the first port of call. a doctor friend also once told me that the main reason to go private is that if you have to have stitches you want a consultant doing them. my consultant was actually away when i had DS so another consultant induced and delivered me but it was clear that he had discussed everything with my own consultant and i felt very well taken care of so it didn't bother me at all.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Thanks ladies, really appreciate it. O-O