Holles Street - Semi-Private/Private

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wobbler Posts: 300
Does anyone know what the cost is for this? What are the visiting hours like? Can your partner stay the night with you?
poppie Posts: 57
Private in Holles street is about 3k+ (think price varies from consultant to consultant) For this you get to see the same consultant on every visit and at the birth (if he's available or if there are complications). The birth is still midwife led to the last minute!!! You are not guaranteed a private room (I didn't get one). I did this on first baby, but have gone semi private on second. I can still see the same consultant in the semi-private clinic, will still end up in the semi-private ward after the birth and only pay circa 300 euro. I think unless you are expecting a complicated birth (i.e. twins etc.) I would go semi - there's no real advantage to going private unless you've got cash to burn. You don't get any special treatment. Hope that helps!
poppie Posts: 57
Sorry, forgot to say your partner cannot spend the night!!! Not that he'll want to when he hears all the babies crying :o0 Can't remember exact visiting hours, but it's (I think) two hours in the afternoon and same in the evening. Your partner can stay late but not sleep over! You can only have two visitors (plus your partner) at any one time - new rule which I am truly grateful for - piles of visitors can be totally overwhelming >:o(