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Rubee Posts: 483
hello girls, I'm a very new BFP! and am green as you like and haven't a clue. I was just wondering what the difference is in care between semi private and public? And if you know the cost that would be great too:) I have VHI first plan + so that covers some fees for going semi private but if any of you guys could shed a little light on the whole think I'd really apprecatie it as I need to book in next week! Thanks a million PS do you have an internal exam on your first visit to hospital??
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Congrats Mrs K!! I can only speak for private which I find brilliant but I have high risk pregnancies so I feel its important for me to see the same consultant every time. I see my consultant in Blackrock but for emergencies I just go straight in to Holle St. I find it great too as my consultant has his own scanner in Blackrock so I get to see the baby every time I see him, but again if I wasn't having problems then maybe I woudn't mind not seeing the baby as often. My consultant and everything costs €4,000 - (€3,600 for us as we've had a pregnancy with him before). One negative thing is that you're not gauranteed a private room though when you go in to have the baby. With regards to your first scan it really depends on what stage you are at when you have it . With me anyway all the scans I had before 12 wks were internal and after that abdominal. The internals are really not that bad at all, mild even in comparision to a smear I thought. Best of luck anyway!! :o)ll O-O :o)ll
babs1 Posts: 252
Congratulations & good luck with the decision! i went public in hol*les street & have to say i would strongly advise against it (in any hospital, its not isolated to hol*les st). I know people who've had a grand time being public but i had a nightmare. The treatment during the pregnancy is ok but you are queueing for ages at each visit & then you're dismissed off as quickly as you like, they dont have the time to answer all the little questions and worries you have. I had a fair few scans early on coz i had alot of spotting, 2 internal & 1 external by 12 weeks. You'll generally only get internal exams if theres history there are you're spotting or something like that. Anyway then when you get closer to your due date when you're public they're very dismissive of talking about induction or the likes, they shove you out and say if you're still there next week we'll talk then. I went 14 days over before i was induced, bearing in mind they changed my dates, they put me back a week but i know my cycle so i knew when i had got pregnant, they wouldnt listen to this & insisted they use their date (from scan) so i was 3 weeks overdue really when i was induced. Induction wasnt great but they rarely are, at the end of a very tiring time, my DS was born. Then the mayhem started, the public wards are like cattle marts, theres people shoved everywhere & so many people coming and going and babies crying, its very hard to get any sleep. The nurses dont have the time to help in the public wards so if you end up having a section you can be left to your own devices. I know i'm painting a bad picture but i can only say what i saw and experienced, some people get on just find in public. Personally when i have my next baby (Please God) I will definately be going private. Semi private care is grand but if the semi private wards are full you'll be left in public until a bed becomes free in semi priv. I'll go Private coz if the private rooms are full then you'll go to semi private! Hope that helps you some bit
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
I am going semi-private in Hollis street and I have to say that I have heard that the waiting time in Public is not as long?? I was attending the Wednesday Clinic and it was an absolute nightmare every time...... the first time I was there I got there 5 mins before my appointment.... I had to queue to get in the door, queue for the reception, queue to get registered, queue again on stairs while they took our urine and weighted us etc, queue again for my bloods, queue again for them to do my history and then again to be seen but the consultant :o( :o( :o( Total time 4 hours!!!! I wouldn't mind so much but there is no queueing system and people seem to just find their own way around my asking other pregnant mothers..... also there is no waiting room or anything like that.... basically you are all sat in a sort of corridor (oh there is a room at the end were DH's can go)!!! No magazines, tea/coffee, water....... The last time I went there I had to bring my DS (18 months old) he was there when I got my bloods done and seemed to remember that this was not a happy place for Mammy!!! He screamed so much that after an hour I just had to leave with my tail between my legs!!! My advise would be if you do want to go Semi-Private.... try to book Dr Murphy for the Friday clinic..... there is only one clinic on that day!!! I went there last time and was in out and out in 1 hour.... (Bloods, diabetes test and all!!!) Only problem with Doctor Murphy is be sure to have everything you want to ask written down as he is like lightening.... in and out in 1 min!!!! But still very experienced..... he runs a private clinic in Blackrock too..... For the birth public/semi private is exactly the same.... you get the same treatment in both... private is the same room too but they have their consultant at hand.... Costs for going semi private is €250 I think (registration fee) and then €90 per scan..... I think that is all, everything else is covered by VHI.... well unless you need to stay in longer, I think that is more??? Public - everything is covered!!!!!! One point against public, I was talking to a neighbour whos brother works in security there and was told that everything walks these days :eek :eek . They even have to tag the sheets etc. Now this is hear say but I was told that one Mother went to wash her brand new DS.... she left all his new clothes laid out on the bed to on him when she got back but when she got back they were gone and the lady in the bed opposite had them on her child.... when she asked for them back she was told "where I come from we share for the baby" :eek :eek :eek :eek This was a foreign national..... I also heard that the reason that each new mum is only allowed 2 visitors at a time now is because children were being let in and allowed to run riot in the hospital all day, Mothers were expecting their children to be fed and everything!!!!! :eek :eek Madness!!!! Anyway best of luck with whatever you decide to do....... jees I hope I havent scared you completely I am sure that the above was an isolated incident!!! :wv just thought that i would share it!!
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
babs1...... I just read your post properly now.... Semi Private is the same!!! I knew I was having a very big baby and they let me go 2 weeks over too, when I said to my consultant i am worried that I will not be able to deliver such a big baby he told me that "the placenta will start to deteriorate anyway so the baby wont grow anymore" I thought that would have been the perfect reason the induce me!!!!! My DS was 10lb 3oz!!!! It was a long and tiring labour and when it was all over I was brought to the ward and jammed in between to Private patients who had their visitors there so I didn't sleep..... I had given birth on the Monday afternoon having not slept since the Saturday... I was exhausted and very sore and was completely ignored as the Private patients got all of the attention :o( I kept trying to get someone to come to us but I think if you have had a child already they assume that you will be fine on your own. I so wanted to have a shower and after a good few hours I decided to take my wheely tray and walk myself down to get clean!!! When I came out I was given out to but I couldn't lie like that anymore!! That night I couldnt sleep again as i was so afraid for my DS as he had reflux....... I couldn't call my DH as my battery had died..... No midwives came near me so the next morning when he came to see me I was waiting with my bags packed to go home!!!! They wouldnt let me go as I had to prove that my system was working properly.... I had been to the loo several times but no-one told me that I was meant to pee in this hat thingy!!! Anyway I had to sit for hours drinking loads of water to prove that I was ok... having said all of that..... I am going back there in 9 weeks time..... I have had two lovely and healthy little boys from there so I cant complain.... I just think that they are extremely understaffed these days which is the case in most hospitals in Ireland.....
Tedsters Posts: 1688
OMG I am scared after reading these stories! DH and I were very undecided whether to go private/semi/public (we do have health insurance) but in the end went public. What annoyed me about private is the amount of money you have to spend to see a consultant and health insurance only covers approx €800, some of the rest you need to claim back from tax. I had heard all sorts of stories about the pros and cons of private i.e. Pros you see the same consultant on each visit Cons They may/maynot be there for the birth if you go early you are admitted to the public system if you have any complications i.e. diabetes/rhesus etc you also go into the public system You may end up in the public ward anyways if no beds are available The only attractive thing about Private is potentially getting a private room after birth Medically you don't get treated any differnet but please correct me if I am wrong. Perhaps people go private because they don't have faith in the public/semi system I don't know. Perhaps if you have €3.5k - €4k to spare you are treated different I don't know. There didn't seem to be much difference between semi and public. So I registered as a public patient using the combined care option. This means that you see your doctor most visits then alternate between the hospital and the doctor as time gets closer. Now at 32 weeks and I haven't a bad word to say about the hospital, the midwives or the doctors. All my concerns/questions have been addressed and I did not feel dismissed on any occasion. The way the system works is: Check into reception Que to see the midwife - she weighs you and she asks how you are and you tell her anything that you feel she should know and she notes it into your file Go to the loo for a wee sample Give it to the next midwife who checks it with special stick Give blood if necessary Wait to see Doctor/Consultant - they check fundus, blood pressure and ask any questions and update your file Total time for me on approx 3 visits so far has never been no more than 2 hours. When I mentioned to the midwife on one occasion about extreme thirst she immediately got me to have my blood screened there and then for gestational diabetes - result was negative, just hormonal! I haven't been through the birth process yet and cannot comment. Only to say a friend had 2 miscarriages and was admitted there both times and said they treated her with great care and she found the wards to be clean and had no negative feedback (unless she is protecting me!!) Some cultures don't respect our laws and traditions, my cousin has had a similar experience in National Children's Hospital where a FN demanded that she give her son's toys to her own child to play with :eek
Rubee Posts: 483
thanks for the info girls, but OMG I'm feeling terrified and very emotional now please let it be hormones! I just don'w know how much private will cost in total, do you just pay for your consultant? ie 4K or do you pay for accommodation in hospital too? Is there any difference to semi P and public? Oh I wish DH could have the baby I'm really not looking forward to that bit...
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I'm semi-private with Mondays clinic mind you I have only gone once and everything went really well,if anything we were brought by a lovely lady to where we were to wait we actually skipped the queue and I presume it was because I am semi-private??Im a bit confused as to why you would have to wait 4hours Royal Wolly with a semi-private booking maybe it was overbook for wednesday,seems very odd though...I just went semi private because im paying into VHI for long enough so I might as well
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
I dont know Mama Dora??? :o( there are two clinics on on a Wednesday and it was manic... Some of us were standing as there were NO seats available!!! I was seeing Grainne Flannery but changed to Dr Murphy on the Friday clinic. I was talking to one of the nurses there and she said that she has never seen it so busy.... she said that on a couple of occasions they have been there until 6.30 in the evening when it is meant to finish at 3pm!!!!! I seriously do not know why the wait was so long for my first visit.... I think that they may have overbooked?? MY DH was with me and had to cancel meetings and everything!!! I dont mean to scare anyone I am just telling you my experience, I am sure that a lot of hospitals are the same.... it is not all bad though as you can usually strike up a conversation with other m2bs in the same boat as you... I am just making the point that from my experience there would appear to be little difference between Public and Semi-Private... Perhaps I had a bad day but you should ask these questions when you call the clinic.... I seriously thing Friday clinic is the way to go for Semi Private.... please dont worry Mrs K.... you are a first time Mum and you will receive all of the attention and support that you need.... I am just giving out about one clinic and the wait but I have a wee man pulling out of me so it makes the wait appear so much longer!!!! I really didn't mean to scare you or upset you, this is a fantastic happy time in your life.... I just wanted to let you know my experience so that you can make the best decision for you! Hollis street is a great hospital and I would not be going back there if I thought otherwise..... I had a bad day (Ironically that was the song that was playing when DS poppped out!! :o0 ) but I got an amazing little boy and the treatment you get in the labour ward is second to none..... they were amazing x
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Posted twice :-8 O:|