Holly Willoughby finally had her baby girl

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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Just read Holly W had her baby girl at 5.10pm called her Belle weighing 5lb 2oz. She was due May 12th.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
:o)ll :o)ll i love holly :)
OrangePetal Posts: 93
great news congrats Holly, dan and harry. Delighted for them. I feel like Holly is my friend - as I watch This morning every day while i'm on maternity leave. Lovely name :lvs
Momof2 Posts: 3884
I really like holly but really not liking Belle Baldwin as a name/ Isabelle would be so much nicer and she could abbreviate it if she wishes but its a hard one to go through life with as an adult IMO. Glad that all are safe and well though.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
agree NM2, I'm all about good strong names, like my mum says to me you never hear Dr Belle haha She always puts in any names I mention haha. Better than Hero that's for sure.
smalltalk Posts: 460
aw that is great news. will miss her on This Morning!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I thought it was lovely name and told DH who proceeded to say "Ah Baby Belle" Kinda turned me off then
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
I love the name Belle but don't think it goes with Baldwin?? Is Jenni Falkner going to take over from her during her mat leave anyone know??
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
My niece is called Isabelle and she is often called belle but i dont think it goes with Baldwin at all. Love Holly do :o)ll
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
Bop bop b op bop baby Belle!!!!! :o0