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zoesmama Posts: 2774
Posting this for a friend. She is 4 months pg now and is thinking about a home birth. She doesn't know anyone who has done it and her GP is not in favour of it. I'm no help as had 2 sections. She knows I post here. So has anyone been through it and what are the pros and cons ?? :thnk
pag Posts: 633
This is something that I looked into with my first child but decided that we lived too far from any hospital if there was need to transfer. Also my GP wasn't in favour either due to the distance. TBH at four months she really really has to get her skates on to get a midwife before she even thinks more about it. www.homebirth.ie has list of independent midwives. This site also gives loads of information on home births - advantages, how to set up, costs etc. Some areas have more that others but I know that all book up very fast as there are only a certain number of mums that each midwife can take each month. Also there is strict criteria that they have to adhere to so she would be better off speaking to a midwife. If there is no midwife listed for her area, she should contact the Association. I have no idea what part of the country she and you live in - but would she consider community midwives/Domino or midwifery led care. Some hospitals offer these services though again they book up very quickly. I'm attending the midwives clinic and apart from going in for ultrasound (and booking visit) all my appts are with midwives in the health centre. I will deliver in hospital but all going well will be out immediately and a member of the early transfer team will visit for up to 10 days after if needed. It kinda combines the best of both worlds - midwife led care and hospital delivery in case it's needed. There is a whole forum on Home Births on rollercoaster.ie and also on Magicmum. She would get more advice on these especially if posted up the area she is in.
HomebirthHopeful Posts: 71
I'm having a homebirth, so happy to share anything I can. Good advice from lag ther in the last post. I'll just add that it might not be too late to book a midwife, although usually they say to ring a midwife before you tell your partner you're pregnant as they can be in such high demand. But you never know unless you ring! Secondly, Homebirth Assoc are great if you just give them a ring for info, and they arrange group meetings like info sessions for people ttc, pregnant and those who have already had homebirths. I haven't made it one yet myself but I hear they are great info sessions and you get to meet others who have gone through it. PM me if there's anything she wants to ask about how I went about it or the like. Love my midwife!