Home brew as wedding favour, opinions please!

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yippeeme Posts: 2139
Hi all, looking for opinions on a bottle of home brew beer or cider as a wedding favour. We originally weren't going to do favours at all, but as OH has a big interest in home brewing and has brewed twice successfully already he thought it might be a nice idea for the wedding. It would probably have to be a bottle per guest wth a choice of beer or cider. Bottles would be capped and have a customised label, probably our names and date of the wedding or something. What do ye think? Think it could be an idea to have the bottles on a table for the drinks reception rather than on tables for the meal? All opinions greatly appreciated! :wv
Bellisima Posts: 3583
I think it sounds like a really novel idea. It wouldnt appeal to me as in I wouldnt drink it but Id appreciate the effort he went to. BUT is it worth the effort? I know nothing about home brewing but is this something thats going to take hours upon hours upon hours. If its a major time commitment that would worry me. Also before he makes a decision you should really run it by the hotel - make sure theyre not going to try do something stupid like charge ye corkage!
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Brilliant idea, I LOVE it! But I agree, be wary of corkage!! O-O
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Not sure if a hotel will let you bring that in for health and safety reasons.
lux Posts: 6270
I think its a lovely idea but I don't think people would appreciate it unless they are into home brews. I don't drink beer at all and himself only drinks Heiniken so both of us would be passing it on to others. It sounds like a LOT of work (depending on numbers) and TBH I think people don't pay much attention to wedding favours. The venue might not allow it also as it could affect bar sales so they might charge you.
yippeeme Posts: 2139
Ha never even thought that they might charge corkage! :duh: I wonder would they? In terms of effort it's not major, he has most of the bottles already from previous brews so it's really just a matter of mixing up the beer, leaving it sit for a few weeks then bottling it. He enjoys doing it and is really into the idea so he wouldn't mind the effort, it's kinda his input into the wedding! :-8
yippeeme Posts: 2139
[quote="kerrywedding2011":eb5oq2ft]Not sure if a hotel will let you bring that in for health and safety reasons.[/quote:eb5oq2ft] God never thought of this either! :eek Can just see it now, hotel guests struck down with alcohol poisoning! :eek Ah no i've tasted it, totally drinkable, quite nice, he drinks Heineken himself so generally does a larger not actually beer i think but i just call it that. Would defo have to clear it with the hotel first alrite. I kinda think it might appeal more to male guests than female though! Thanks for the replies! :thnk
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I think it's a nice unique idea! However as other posters have said some people might not appreciate it! Personally I wouldn't know a good home brew from a bad one!
mrsh11 Posts: 113
Hi 2julybride, My OH also brews his own beer and we were thinking of doing the same thing. I mentioned it to our venue and they loved the idea but said they would charge corkage so we decided not to do it as we're trying to keep costs down. I don't think health & safety will be a problem as long as it's clear that it's not originating from the venue but I think most places will charge corkage. That said, I would say to go for it if you're happy to pay the corkage - while there is some effort involved in making a batch, it's not enough to rule out the idea and if your OH enjoys it, then even better!! I think it would make a really personal, unique favour. While some people don't drink beer (myself included), I'm sure they'd appreciate it and the beer-drinkers would be happy with any extra bottles! :wv
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Is there any chance you could put it into miniature bottles - I know there wouldn't be much for the guests but it may be a way to avoid corkage. I know someone who did this with a whiskey.