Hi All, I sincerly hope someone can help me. A little terrier that I know needs to be rehomed or fostered until a suitable home can be found ASAP. His name is Boxer. This is a small/standard size JRT. Black and White with a full chest queen anne legs and JRT head. He is friendly social and great around kids. He is 90% house trained, still needs a little work, sleeps outside and will only enter the house when invited. He would be suited to a family env. But not in a rural area. The dog is currently in a home with poultry and some farm animals near by. He's not suited to the rural env. If I can't find a home for him in the next two days he's going back to Ashtown pound and will more than likely be PTS :weep . He's such a fantastic little dog I'd hate to see it come to that. If you're interested or can help in any way please let me know!!! Barbs.. Sorry about posting across so many forums, but not everyone goes into Furry Friends. So could you please post your reply in the furry friends section!!