homemade fingerpaint

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alton Posts: 3077
I was thinking of making some fingerpaints for DS and looking for ideas. I tried using normal ones but he did more finger licking than finger painting and then vomited up his now brightly-coloured lunch :eek . They are non-toxic but after phoning the poison unit in Beaumont in a blind panic (again!) I tossed them in the bin. What I was thinking of was using cornflour and water, with a little bit of colouring. The only natural colourant that I can think of is beetroot. Anyone got any ideas for more? I'd like to hold onto his early efforts for posterity, but I imagine they would probably start to rot if I use all natural ingredients. Is there anything (safe, edible and natural) that I could add to the concoction that might act as a natural preservative. Maybe vinegar or something like that?
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Would love to know this too!