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lollyboots Posts: 37
Ladies just a quick favour to ask. Me and DH got Blackberry's last March not overly impressed being honest poor coverage for checking internet and emails etc. Can anyone recommend a good smartphone we are on ready to go 087 network but he could switch to billpay if a reasonable bill was affordable. Thanks girls he works very hard and deserves a little treat x
sugarcubes Posts: 157
im an iphone girl and love it,but alot of my family and friends have the htc smartphone and love them... but i would defo pick an iphone!:)
MrsBran2Be Posts: 123
Hey Lollyboots, I've only ever had one smartphone, so can't really compare it to anything else, but I'm happy with it. Have a HTC Desire S and does everything I want it to do (and probably loads more that I haven't figured out!). Costs me around €30 a month and that gives me free calls and texts to any Irish landline/mobile and 1GB of data, but since I have wifi at home and in my Mam's and a few other places where I would use it, I've never managed to get close to that limit. That's with Vodafone, but it was a special offer through my Mam's work so not sure how much that would cost normally. I know a friend of mine got an iPhone recently with 3, and monthly bills are quite low and the phone was free - no idea if she's happy with the phone itself though. HTH!!
lollyboots Posts: 37
Thanks girls Im lost when Im looking for him thanks for getting back to me!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
HTCs are fab. I have the Wildfire S and I love it - my contract is €30 a month with Meteor. Wouldn't be a fan of the Samsung Galaxy series, just don't like the plastic-y feel of the handset and the screen resolution isn't a patch on the HTCs from what I've seen.
candypants Posts: 8575
Also looking for a new phone and baffled by all this new technology stuff! I dont even know what it means by "smartphone". Explain. Im still a buttons/nokia gal :o0 actually afraid to get rid of the buttons incase i cant manage/have patients for a touch screen. But i think it is time i got with it!
ZeldaToo Posts: 553
CP - my understanding of a smartphone is one that has a proper graphical screen like a computer with a normal internet browser, email application, and then the ability to add loads more applications. I'm supposed to work in IT but I don't really understand the lingo myself either :-8. I've only ever had iPhones but DH has just got the new Blackberry slider screen one - is it the Torch 9800 I think? It's the one that has both the physical keyboard but also touchscreen one as well. I'd say email is better on the BB but internet is better on the iPhone. The only drawback with the iPhone is that it doesn't allow flash applications, whereas I think all the other smartphones do. Not sure if/when this is due to change. I find lots of websites use Flash (which you wouldn't realise on a PC) so I often get a message saying it cannot display the website as the flash plug-in is missing. DH really likes the new BB but he's had a lot of issues with it hanging already and requiring a full re-boot.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I've a HTC Desire HD and I love it. I picked it over an iPhone for many reasons - dropped calls, can't support Flash and just how restricted you are with an Apple product. I have my HTC Desire from January and I can't believe how much I still love it. Normally I would be bored of a phone by now but this phone is excellent. It does everything an iPhone does and more, as its not restricted by Apple. HTC phones comes in all shapes and sizes - so theres one for everyone, whether it be size or price! I'm sure if you Search the forums for HTC - you'll see other reviews I've given!!