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DeniseM Posts: 17
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT - I'm pregnant. Only 4-5 weeks now and I'm absolutely over the moon. Found out on Wednesday and I'm just bursting to tell somebody. Did test while hubby was at work and nearly burst with excitement until he got home. Told him the good new and the look of shock on his face was too much for me. 2 days on and he's still completely and utterly shocked. I honestly don't understand why but he says its just that he didn't think it would happen so fast (married since early Sept.06). Anyway, I'm thrilled. Know this may sound silly but have lower back pain, sore boobs, weird sensation in the nether regions (!!!) - hubby thinks that I'm demented and says that the whole 'expecting' thing will seem more real to him when my doc confirms it (have apt. next week). Due mid-June as far as i can make out. Anybody else get the reaction that I've got. Couldn't wait to tell him but didn't get the reaction i wanted - bit of a let down really but hey, I'm still delighted - he'll catch on soon (hopefully)......
jarashow Posts: 3083
That's fantastic new DeniseM, congratulations ! Have a happy and healty pregnancy... Let us know if Hubie gets over the shock :stork:
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
my hubby was the exact same he could'nt believe it, it took him a few months to get real excited, now he can't wait. congrats and best of luck over next 9 months O:o)
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Congrats and best of luck deniseM !
charlie crown Posts: 377
Congrats thats brilliant, my sis said that until her hubby saw some physical signs he didn't get excited, I suppose they can't feel everything you can!
Dootsay Posts: 958
Wow, fantastic news - wishing you a healthy and v happy 9 months (and more) ahead... :thnk :thnk :thnk
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Seems like the :babydust: might actually be working for some of us!!!! There seems to be a boom this month!!!! Many many congrats.... Your poor hubby, he sounds like a character!!! When the doc confirms no doubt he will be thrilled to pieces.... Congrats again, due AF in 3 days.... please send some :babydust: this way.... just to see if it really works!! ;o)
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
many congrats denise great news best of luck
Double Trouble Posts: 915
miss sixty Posts: 467
Delighted for you both! Congrats xxxx