Honeymoon Baby?

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aconnolly140 Posts: 203
Just wondering if many people have a honeymoon baby. We are thinking of having one. I know it doesn't happen that easy but we'll try. I don't really want a honeymoon baby as H2b wants to call it Fiji! Guess where we will be going on our honeymoon!!!!
Roni Posts: 70
Hi, I got pregnant on our honeymoon in sept 2005 but unfortunately had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, we were so excited though. Hope it happens for ye too! Im now 30 weeks pregnant and everything is going great thank god. Good luck.
Mamaria Posts: 224
We got pregnant on honeymoon - and couldn't be happier. All my friends knew I really wanted a baby, so were placing bets that I was already pregnant walking up the aisle! (which I wasn't, although we had tried the month of the wedding). I think it's great, but then I've not had any morning sickness so didn't feel at all unwell and was able to relax and enjoy the honeymoon (we were in South Africa - but are not calling our baby Knysna!! :o0 ) Best of luck with whatever you decide.