Honeymoon change of plan - Ideas?

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eclair Posts: 243
Myself and H2B are going to have to reconsider our honeymoon that we had planned to Hawaii & Vegas. Has anyone any ideas for a honeymoon under €3,000? I’d still love to go to the states as I’ve never been and I would like to stay in a nice hotel (doesn’t have to be 5 star but at least one night in a fancy hotel would be great!) We were thinking maybe Somewhere near Florida for a week - 10 days and New York on the way home for a few days? Has anyone done anything like this for their honeymoon? Or I’m open to suggestions!
Linda H Posts: 1151
How about egypt? I am thinking of going here. In saying that, I have done nothing about it since.
lovindis Posts: 642
you have to go to NYC its the best city in the world. the fitzpatrick hotels are lovely or stay in the skyline hotel its just couple blocks from Time Square.
09bridetobe Posts: 218
You could still do Vegas if its somewhere you really wanted to go. Flights with Delta are very reasonable and hotel wise, they are all pretty nice. I've stayed in the MGM Grand and its amazing. If you google vegas hotel discount codes you get lots of sites that give the special offer codes for the hotels. Luxor has very good rates and is also meant to be nice. Only walked through but looked really cool. Also try avoid weekends, its less busy and rooms are cheaper. I've been twice in the past year and can't wait to go back, I'll definately be including it in the honeymoon somewhere.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
Chicago rocks i lived there for 8 months. cheap flightd will all vendors from uk and try Trump Towers Hotel wowowowo. loads to do beaches, great weahter tourist things and u could also do florida/vegas from there scheap internal flights with delta
sinduf Posts: 261
Hi I'm doing two weeks in Orlando and then a caribean cruise for a week and its working out cheap through American Holidays. If you took the cruise off mine it wolud be under the 3000 mark. Also we've gone for a suite in the hotel so a standard room would be even cheaper. I can recommend the crowne plaza in Orlando its brilliant thats where we're going as stayed there before.
b2bsept09 Posts: 73
Im doing vegas for 5 days and new york for 5 have been to each of these but no with my H2B, we are styaing in bellagio in vegas (i have stayed in newyork hotel) and it was great and then we are staying in crowne plaza in times sqaure as we have points to spend, but last time i was there stayed in welligton hotel. I have added up our flights on this years prices will come in under 3 grand, thats flying with delta from dublin to vegas, vegas to new york and fly home with aer lingus only reason i fly back with aer lingus is delta are not doing a direct flight that suits me would have a stop over in uk just want to get home at that point" :o)ll hope this helps! O-O
pug08 Posts: 205
We too had originally booked Vegas & Hawaii but changed two weeks ago to Maldives. I had been before and loved it, plus decided I needed two weeks of relaxation *)
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
I spent 3 weeks in the states with DH 2 years ago and we spent under €3k and we had decent accom. Florida is dirt cheap as well.
May09Bride Posts: 1050
we got a cruise, western carribean for 1800 euro, thats for room, food and tips, you could do a few days in florida before and after for under 3k i would imagine hth