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ember9724 Posts: 25
Hi there, Has anyone any good honeymoon ideas for sept 08. I wanted to go caribbean but hurricane season then so it's a no go. Would like somewhere that there is plenty to do. thanks
ACaseofYou Posts: 125
Hi ember9724, I had this same issue. We're getting married on 20th Sept 08 had wanted Dominican Republic - then realised it was hurricane season :( So we have been thinking about doing one week in Malta to chill out and then maybe get the ferry over to Sicily for a week. But nothing's booked yet so it all might change again!
MyDreamWedding1 Posts: 1281
The honeymoon is stressing me out way more than the actual wedding. Everywhere I wanted to go there was something wrong with it. So i'm just going to risk hurricane season, will prob be the dominican republic.