Honeymoon in april

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mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Any suggestions for a honeymoon in April? We were looking at Orlando-new Orleans-Mexico but not sure if they are the best places weather wise at that time. Would also consider Somewhwre really lovely and warm in Europe if there was anywhere! We are really attracted to the ultimate luxury of the Mexico resort so finding it hard to get anywhere that competes!
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
Florida is lovely in April but I wouldn't just do Orlando I would go down to the beaches at Clearwater or somewhere too. We had our honeymoon in April and went to the Maldives, Thailand and dubai.
Betty80 Posts: 36
I am also going on honeymoon in April and was faced with the same dilemma about the weather! In the end it came down to Thailand, orlando or Mexico - we end up going with 4 nights in San Fran & 13 nights in Cancun staying in the RIU we made our decision based on would we go there on a normal holiday and thought not - so decided to do it for honeymoon - good luck with whatever you decide :)