Honeymoon in South Pacific

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Miss Twinkle Posts: 230
Hi girls, Just wondering if anyone has any information on Tahiti and Bora Bora. Got a notion last night that it could be a runner for our honeymoon next July. Thanks a mill :o)ll
ms. mirrorball Posts: 7
I was in both Tahiti and Bora Bora in March/April at the end of a 3 week round-the-world trip. French Polynesia is well worth visiting (definitely for me, as H2B proposed on our last night in Bora Bora!) but be warned - it is one seriously expensive place. Bora Bora is the tropical paradise you think of when you think of the South Pacific - turquoise water, sand, palm trees, beach huts, chilling out. Lots of water-based activities if that's what you're into. Nightlife is pretty well non-existent. We stayed in the Eden Beach resort which was, by Bora Bora standards, pretty good value. Flights between the islands in French Polynesia are not cheap, even for short hops, but Bora Bora airport is the coolest airport you're ever likely to land in. Tahiti isn't quite the paradise island the shower-gel ad made it out to be - the locals love their 4x4s and the traffic is heavy all the time in and around Pape'ete. I would describe it as the Killarney of the tropics - the locals try to find every way they can to extract a few bob off the tourists. Taxis are seriously expensive and the bus service isn't reliable. Best way to get around is hire a car or go on an organised tour - expensive but you get to see everything. Pape'ete is the centre of things but it has a slightly seedy atmosphere at night. We stayed in two different hotels - the Royal Tahitien and the Hotel Tiare Tahiti. The Royal Tahitien didn't deserve the great review the Lonely Planet gave it - the rooms are dark and the decor is bad 70s - the style those of us over 30 vaguely remember from early childhood before our parents got sense and redecorated! The Hotel Tiare Tahiti is right in the middle of Pape'ete so is a good spot if you want to sample the local nightlife. On the nightlife, strangely, the best value is in the more touristy bars on the waterfront - the places the locals go to increase their prices when the tourists come in - as in to about 8 euro for a bottle of local beer. Like I said, it's well worth visiting, but be prepared to spend some serious money! Hope this helps.
Miss Twinkle Posts: 230
Thank you so much. That was a very long, comprehensive review. It's great to hear of all the pros and cons. I'm thinking flying there would be a serious nightmare! Back to the drawing board I think. thanks again so much for taking the time to answer my post. Hope all your plans are coming along well and congrats on such a romantic proposal! Well done H2B! :thnk