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Wild Child Posts: 1694
me posting here I just have a quick question........................... I have been having gum and tooth aches for the last few days but its not always in the same tooth or gum and I just read on the internet that this happens when pregnant I know I'm totally clutching at straws now but have any of you ever heard of this or experienced it??? Thanks in Advance :lvs
maisedon Posts: 1394
Apparently it is true!! My sis is a nurse and she told me to make sure that I look after my teeth - because gum disease is very common in pregnancy!
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Thanks a mil Masiedon hopefully that is why I keep having tooth and gum aches! I'd love to be joining P&B!!! Hope everything is going well for you so far! :lvs
jones Posts: 119
Yes this is true I have it at the mo. It did'nt kick in til the seventh month so don't know do people get it early on or not. I have to brush four times a day, floss and use corsodoyl mouthwash. Apparently pregnancy hormones aggrivate your gums and cause gum disease!
alton Posts: 3077
floss regularly if you don't already as you might find that your gums are more easily aggravated while you're pregnant and even a tiny bit of trapped food can feel like you need a root canal.