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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Girls the hormones have well and truly hit me. I was off yesterday and watching a hospital programme. There was an old man who needed brain surgery. After the op the surgeon came out to his wife to tell her the op was successful and her DH would be fine. She started to cry. Well OMG i bawled and bawled, i tried to stop myself but i just gave in and cried my heart out for about 15 mins. Then i went upstairs and washed my face and laughed at myself but i felt a million times better. :-8 If anybody had seen me!!!!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
NLTG that was me on Monday I sat down watching this morning and they had a little boy on and he loved Ant and Dec so they made his dream come true by bringing him to meet them oh and the Chelsea football team. I was in floods of tears. :-8
babyboom Posts: 294
Hi NLTG I know exactly how you feel I can't watch the pampers/unicef add without starting to cry :-8 Completely hormonal nearly started crying in a shop at the weekend over one of the willow statues of man, woman & baby DH told me he was getting us one when we have the baby & I had to walk away :-8 It's crazy :eek
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Ah stop I can't watch anything like that, I have made a decision not to watch anything like that esp special delivery, the poor babies - I was tramatised after watching that on Monday! We haven't had our first scan yet so I was up the walls! Roll on 26th November.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
About 2 weeks ago i was driving by our local graveyard. There is always a Totoya Starlet parked outside [u:1h0tt1j2]everytime[/u:1h0tt1j2] we go by. Anyway this time didnt i see an old man getting into the car and driving off. I got very upset and started telling DH that he must be visiting his dead wife's grave and he is there for hours everyday and he must be very lonely and miss her terrible. I roared crying the whole way home and poor DH just saying to me "ah pet you have too big a heart..." It was terrible, now im worried he will be on his own for Christmas and im seriously considering going to graveyard and striking up a conversation with him to see if he has family. :-8 I cant bear to see old men upset. :o(
Delish Posts: 4176
I am nearly crying reading these posts :o( :o0 , laughing and crying at the same time, God pregnancy is so mad!!
brideeee Posts: 1490
Here's your sister girls, LMS- I too she some tears at that little boy on Good morning. Last night I was watching that film on RTE i Raising Helen and I bawled at the end when they read out dead sister's letter and her wishes for her children. poor DH was worried there was something else wrong. Talk about wailing!!! Ah but it does feel good afterward- a sense of relief- and then you get the little kicks and they Always make me smile.....Bless!! xx b
babyboom Posts: 294
NLTG I am laughing at your post about the old man - not because it's funny but because I could have written it myself. DH thinks I'm crazy I've always been like this about old men on their own (even before pregnancy) cannot bear to see them on their own in restaurants etc. makes me so sad we nearly have to leave :o0 because I feel so bad for them. DH is alway do you wanna go sit wit them but I honestly take it v.bad & genuienly feel terrible for them :o0 But now I'm feeling awful when I see babies crying etc. don't even get me started on the ad where westlifes song is playing it's about aid for Africa one of the babies looks extra sad & has a big tear on it's cheek it nearly sets me off everytime :o(