Horrible sick dog-dont read if your eating dinner

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lil-star Posts: 3149
OMG girls (and boys :-8 ) watch out for your doggies theres a VICIOUS bug going, with vomitting and diarroeha until they nearly turn themselves out :hic poor baby started late last night, couldnt get the vet so we had to wait it out, he couldnt even keep down water without vomitting it up, i fell asleep for a few hours last night and when i woke up i thought someone had been murdered... there was blood EVERYWHERE he had nothing inside him and it just pouring out of him :hic i had rung the vet yesterday and said he was vomitting and she gave me some paste and said to keep an eye on him, he literally vomitted on every surface in the house (thank god for wooden floors) finally got to the vet this morning and she gave him a few shots and hes been unconcious all day working with 3 hours sleep is sooooo not funny i dont know how the mummies and daddies do it :eek :eek
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
God, that's awful, what did the vet say he has? Is he any better now?
lil-star Posts: 3149
she never said what it was even when i asked her not to stick the thermometer up his bum cos he was in so much pain, he just stuck his nose into my elbow and cried his heart out :o( hes still asleep beside me seems a little better, i saw a quick wag of his tail earlier but boy does he smell bad :eek
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
Poor thing! It's awful when pets are sick.
lil-star Posts: 3149
i felt like such a bad pet owner cos i knew he was in pain but i couldnt do anything, ill be one of those mothers who freaks out when their kids are sick :eek
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
The poor think Lil star...I hope is well again soon. Thanks for letting us know that there's a bug going around. My little pooch is very prone to stomach upsets. God I just can't take it when she's ill, you must be exhausted. Get well wishes to your pooch!
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
How is he now? Hope he's better, god its awful when they get sick.
Yoda Posts: 3340
My dog got sick during the week twice as well, not to the extent your wee lad did though, hope you are ok and the dog is on the mend [img:1s1a1cyl]http://www.adoptionblogs.com/media/Open%20Adoption/sick_dog_in_bed_hr.jpg[/img:1s1a1cyl][list=][/list]
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
you poor thing i know exactly how you feel. It could be a bug or it could be colitis. My dog suffers from that. I need give him special food and I have a supply of tablets from the vet (anti inflammatory)for when he gets it. He vomits everything, then vomits bile and then get diarrhoea and then blood. That was only when he got sick first, now I know the signs and get a tablet into his quick. Then the vomitting stops and it never gets as far as the blood. Make sure you monitor the amount of water your dog is drinking. If they stop drinking get the vet straight away. They will need a drip. They can go downhill very fast if they stop drinking. I have been though hell with my little man in the early stages but really he is much better now. If it is colitis you will learn how to deal with it and he/she will be grand. PM for any advice you need. If it is just a bug then they will give the dog a few shots to stop the vomotting and runs. Give him sloppy food or even scrambled egg (no milk or butter) and just a little of it. It helps to settle the stomach. I know that you said he smells bad but that will go when he heals. Big hugs :wv
lil-star Posts: 3149
he seems much better, well he has no projectiles coming out his mouth or bum! hes been asleep since yesterday which is so not like him :( he went looking for food this morning so its a good sign, i dont think my kitchen mat will ever recover!! :hic