Horrible taste in my mouth?

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Raindeer Posts: 169
Hi all. I'm Back! My LO is 18 Months and we are expecting number 2. I am about 10 weeks, wont be sure until scan on 11th Nov. Feeling very similar to last pregnancy, slightly more naseus :hic , bigger appetite >:o( . However there is one thing new and it has just happened and its really annoying...........I have a horrible taste in my mouth, like metal or cooper. I feel like brushing my teeth every five mins but it makes no change. Anyone know why this is?
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi HBells, I had this to at the start. Think it's just another side effect of pregnancy really! :o( I used to eat lots of chewing gum/mints & drink lots of water to keep your mouth moist